Ever see the movie "Bladerunner"? Believe me, it's not that far away now....


Recently, several of you cretins out there in CyberLand have felt it was your place to send email stating that "Hey maaaan! Check out the recent FBI stats! Your full of shit and your website sucks and is a joke!"
First off, let me say RIGHT NOW that nowhere do I, or have I EVER said "L.A. IS #1 IN CRIME!!!" I would be a freekin' moron to say so, just as YOU are MORONS to send me email thinking that somewhere I did. Or do.
Yes I realize that the crime ratio may be greater in Buttfart Arkansas, than it is here. So freekin' what. That does NOT mean that the stats, examples, and facts I present here are not true. If you wish to nit-pick, fine, go ahead. It DOESN'T change the FACTS. So take your .001's percentiles and feel GOOD about yourself ... it'll give you great comfort knowing that whatever statically shouldn't happen to you, IS ... while it is happening.

It used to be that at one time, you'd go for a Sunday Drive. Now, more often than not, your diving for cover because of the ‘Sunday Drive-by’s’. If your fortunate enough to live somewhere where 'drive-by’s' are unknown, let me explain it to you. A 'drive-by' is where a car full of gang-members (usually Black or Hispanic, but now an alarmingly high increase in Asians) drive by a gang-member from a different gang and try to blast him/her in a hail of automatic gunfire. Problem is, it’s usually in a residential neighborhood and more often than not innocent bystanders get their brains blown out. In fact, stats show that 50% or more, of 'gang related' deaths in Los Angeles are innocent bystanders. Little kids, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, are frequent victims. It might interest you to know that Los Angeles leads the nation in gang violence. What a thing to be #1 in....

Here are some of the upstanding citizens, who live in a neighborhood near YOU.

16 year-olds with AK-47’s, who absolutely don't care about the death and pain they cause... ARE the causes. Punk gang-bangers, who would just as soon see you dead, and wear your death as a ‘Badge of Honor’. 15 year olds, with shaven heads and tattoo's on their necks, which view the rest of the world as "The Enemy" and something that needs to be shot up and killed. Kids who view the other murderous slime-bucket "homies" they hang out with as their 'family'. Kids who would rob you, put a bullet in your head, rape your daughter, and destroy your personal and public property, all in a night of 'having fun'. Kids who have no education (and with the L.A. Unified School District, that's not to hard), no morals, no values (other than "kill them, before they kill you"), no concept of 'right and wrong', lazy parents (if they even have any) who either won't or can't control them, and drug abuse that runs rampant, unchecked. 17 year old's who can pick up a weapon, kill a few people, and know that they'll get off fairly easy because they're not adults. In fact for some, going to prison is considered an honor, because since they wasted someone, in prison, they feel as if they are "somebody". Around here you can pick up the paper and any given day read about last night’s gang shooting.

Here are some wonderful kids, whose loving parents, so thoughtfully taught/are teaching them all about firearms.

On a recent show broadcast by the local 50,000 watt flame-thrower KFI, was a fill in host (Debra "Valley Girl" Rich) who invited several ex-gang members in for a little Q&A session. It was a sickening display of "we need to understand these poor misguided youths". Made my skin crawl with disgust. Aside from the fact that each and every one of these low-life pieces of shit sounded as if they had a tough time making it through the 3rd grade, (which was to be expected I suppose) I was amazed at some of their answers to the 'softball' questions being thrown at them.
Q: "Why did you join a gang"?
A: "Uhhhhhhhhh....... (Very long pause)..... I dunno".
Brilliant, eh? Real 'Harvard' material here.

Q: Have any of you ever shot anyone during a 'drive-by'"?
A: "Well...... uhhhhhh.... ummmmmm.... you know...... uhhhhhh.... uhhhhhhh.... I was kinda' like in a car during a...... uhhhhhh..... Drive-by once......"
Of course none of those gutless creeps would give a straight answer. Then I was astounded by an added comment...
"You know.... back in the 'old days'... if you was gonna like.... do a 'drive-by'.... if there was any women or little kids around..... uhhhhh ... you wouldn't do it. But these homies nowdays.... they don't care whos around. There is no sense of honor".
WHAT?!? "Sense of Honor"? "SENSE OF HONOR"!?! I couldn't believe my ears! These no-brains pieces of dog-crap think it's 'O.K.' to splatter someone’s guts out all over their front lawn or living room as long as there is nobody else around!! That it is 'O.K.' to kill as long as there aren't any women and/or children close by! Un-fucking believable......
Q: "Has gang life shown you any positive side of life, and what did you get out of it"?
A: "Uhhhhhh ..... That you can sink to the lowest, and still get to the highest. What I got was unity and love from fellow bangers"
Man, with "love" and "unity" like THAT, who needs enemies, right? What else was amazing to me was that these criminals think that the things they have done in the past will all be wiped away just because they have found "God" that the horrible criminal acts they committed in the past (murder, rape, drug dealing) are all forgiven. This is their mindset. So they could rape your daughter then splatter her brains all over an alley, and as long as they find "God" that makes them 'O.K.' afterwards.
This is the kind of thing we live with every day in L.A.! This is the perverted thinking of the little creeps who would just as soon fill you full of holes, as look at you. This is the thinking of cretins who don't care if your child gets in their 'line of fire'.

Here are some worthless gang scums, who have gotten exactly what they deserve.

On October 4, 1995, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published the following article:

"The epidemic of Gang-Related Homicides in Los Angeles County From 1979 Through 1994."

The study found that:

1. Gang-related homicides now account for 68% of all child and adolescent homicides in Los Angeles County.

2. 59% of gang members are Hispanic; 37% African-American; 3% Asian; 1% white.

3. The root causes of violent street gang formation are poverty, stressed families, unemployment, under-employment, undereducation, racism, and the breakdown of sociocultural institutions.

4. The medical cost of gang violence is unknown. In California, in 1992, one firearm death had an estimated cost of approximately $1 million.

5. There were 7,288 gang-related homicides in the period 1979-1994.

Here is a 2 1/2 year-old, who got caught in the crossfire of these "Brave Warriors"

According to the "Daily News", in 1997, there were 1203 gunfire deaths in L.A. County. (1203!!!!!). Granted, this stat shows a decrease of 14% from 1996, but in 1997 nearly TWICE as many victims under the age of 10 were killed. The death toll for children under 18 killed by gunfire, was 187.
Latino children accounted for 59.6% of gun deaths under 18.
Black children accounted for 24.5% of gun deaths under 18.
White children accounted for 10.1% of gun deaths under 18.
Asian children accounted for 4.8% of gun deaths under 18.


Now... ain't
THAT just wonderful. We pat ourselves on the back that gun related murders have gone down by a whopping 14%, yet the kids in L.A. County, are being murdered at an increasingly alarming rate.
Yup ... a
REAL nice place to raise a family.


It has been reported that a new "weapon" is being used more and more by gang-scums. Pit Bulls. They are taking and training these dogs that are normally pretty vicious anyway, to be even MORE vicious. They use these animals to guard their drug houses, hangouts, attack rival gang members (That part doesn't bother me ... I think all these sniveling coward gang assholes should become "chew-toys"), and against the L.A.P.D. Thus the recent rise in police shootings of dogs. In 1993, 8% of all cases of the L.A.P.D. using 'deadly force' was against such type of attack dogs. In 1997, .... 30% (!!!!!) .... Of all cases where the police had to use deadly force was against these dogs. Oh .... And these are the same dogs that could be running around loose while your kids are riding their bicycles around.


A recent "activity" among the fine young people of L.A. is the going to parties thrown by thugs who call themselves "Party Crews". These are parties that are sponsored by fine young men, who although claim not to be gang-bangers but look, dress, speak, and have tattooed faces just like gangbangers, throw these huge parties, that can consume an entire city block. They have D.J.'s with gigantic sound systems, kegs of beer, drugs, you name it, it's there. All the partygoer needs is the 5 or 10 bucks to get in. Here the party organizers frequently arrange dozens of boxing matches between these kids whom "aren't" gangbangers. These fights between kids who "aren't" gangbangers often spreads out to the streets and adjacent neighborhoods. And at times, gunfire follows. But remember ... these kids "aren't" gangbangers.
These party organizers also entertain the troops by having their 14-15-16 year old girlfriends do a strip-tease for the male partygoers. These young girls will not only do a strip-tease, but also strip down fully naked, and perform lesbian acts with other 'girlfriends'.
So ... when the kids are getting a little too much for the neighbors with their good clean fun, the cops get called in to bust the party up. Oft times they are met with rocks, sticks, and bottles being thrown at them. Sometimes even gunfire. But remember ... these are just a bunch of good kids, trying to have a good time, who "aren't" gang-scums.

Now, if they don’t just kill your child outright, they'll try to get them involved in drugs. There’s alot of ‘crack-heads’ here in L.A. Cocaine runs rampant in this town, and the spectrum runs from the poorest slums in East L.A., to the mansions in Bel-Air. And the gangs are out there trying to entice your kid, so they'll have a customer for whatever amount of time the addict has left.

Oh, and lest I forget, there’s alot of Heroin, Meth, Angel-dust ..... Just a whole candy-store of dope... for your kids to get high on.

And don’t think they'll be safe in school either! (At least Public School) Gangs and drugs are even worse because your kid’s are a ‘captive audience’. And being as the little gang scums have to be in school (until 16 anyway) there they are along side your kid. And the good kids ....they're afraid to be in school and rightly so. The last stat I saw said that 20% of High School kids go to school armed, in some fashion or another, because they're scared.

Not that they'd learn anything in L.A. Unified School District anyway... 25 years ago, it was a shining example to the rest of the nation, as to what a model public school should be. Now.... They churn out a bunch of illiterate morons that are prepared for NOTHING. 10 years ago, when I was the manager of an auto-parts store I reviewed all job-apps that came in, and I’ll tell you that these recent High School grads couldn’t even spell the name of the freekin’ street they lived on! Sure there are a few rare exceptions of a good campus, sprinkled here and there, but for the most part the LAUSD is a complete failure, run by incompetent cretins.

Sweeps net suspects' illegal weapons

By Lisa Van Proyen Daily News Staff Writer

NORTH HILLS - In a push to rid the San Fernando Valley of illegal guns, LAPD officers and federal agents arrested two brothers Thursday and seized weapons believed destined for gangs.
Agents said the most significant find during the search of three homes was a "Street Sweeper" shotgun, an illegal weapon capable of firing 12 rounds in less than three seconds.
We've made a dent on the availability of guns with this gang ... in particular, that Street Sweeper, a highly deadly weapon," said LAPD Lt. Fred Tuller, coordinator of an anti-gang unit in the San Fernando Valley. Tuller said this is the first seizure of such a weapon in his more than four years with the unit.
Also seized were two handguns stolen in Los Angeles burglaries and $50,000 in cash, which contained residue of narcotics, said John Torres, assistant special agent in charge at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' Los Angeles office.
Each of the guns can be sold for a couple hundred dollars, Torres said.
"What motivates these gangs is a lot of greed, and I'm sure they would have sold them to the highest bidder," Torres said.
Ricardo Reyes, 26, and Ben Reyes, 28, were arrested after 60 ATF special agents and anti-gang officers searched the brothers’ North Hills homes at 6 a.m. Thursday, police said.
The shotgun was found in Ricardo Reyes' home in the 9900 block of Sepulveda Boulevard, Torres said. The other items were found at Ben Reyes'home in the 9500 block of Orion Avenue, he said.
Police said the brothers are suspected of belonging to a Pacoima based gang. They said the weapons likely were destined for sale to gang members.
Throughout Los Angeles, 700 to 800 guns are seized monthly, according to the Los Angeles Police Department's gun detail unit. Tuller said the shotgun is popular for street crimes. "You can take out quite a few people on the street with this," he said. "Through intelligence information, we know that they're more prevalent."
Over the past two months, an undercover agent posed as a gang member and purchased seven other guns from Ricardo Reyes, Torres said. One of the guns was an assault-type rifle; the rest were various handguns, he said.
A third home was searched Thursday in the 11600 block of Remington Street in Lake View Terrace, but no seizures or arrests were made, police said.
Ricardo Reyes was arrested on suspicion of possessing of an illegal weapon, the Street Sweeper, and dealing Firearms without a license, Tuller said. Ben Reyes was arrested on suspicion of being a gang member with a gun, Tuller said. The brothers were being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

OC gangster convicted of killing cop

In March, Hung Thanh Mai pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to murder a witness in the Burt case while in Orange County Jail.

SANTA ANA, July 30 1998 - Vietnamese gang leader Hung Thanh Mai showed no remorse Friday while a Santa Ana judge convicted him of fatally shooting a rookie CHP officer in the face six times during a traffic stop.
The 28-year-old had waived his right to a jury trial, paving the way for Judge Richard Weatherspoon to deliver the verdict on charges for the July 13, 1996, murder of Don Burt Jr.
Mai could face the death penalty... that phase of the trial is expected to begin next month, though he was thought to be angling to avoid it by allowing the judge to decide the case. If so, he didn’t indicate it in court today.
"I’m not doing this so-called `plea’ to save face ... and ask for mercy from future jurors," he told the judge. "Whatever results happen in the penalty phase, so be it."
CHP officer Don Burt Jr. died of six gunshot wounds to the face. The judge also found Mai guilty of the special circumstance of murdering an officer in the performance of his duty, which makes him eligible for the death penalty, which prosecutors fully intend to seek.

Arrest nets arms, ammo

Gang raid part of wider area effort

By Dominic Berbeo Staff Writer
PACOIMA -- Ratcheting up the battle on gangs, police arrested a suspected gang member Wednesday and confiscated eight guns and some 500 rounds of ammunition.
Officers in the Foothill Division have confiscated 55 weapons from gang members so far this year up from 42 in 1998 and 19 the previous year, said Los Angeles police Lt. Rick Papke. The arrest came as police try to reverse the rise in crime in the San Fernando Valley.
Crime attributed to gangs was up 3.65 percent Valleywide between Jan. 1 and June 30, compared with the same period in 1998. "We've been making a lot of seizures of guns," Papke said.
A tip led police to a house where they arrested Leopoldo Chavez, a 25-year-old Mexican immigrant, on suspicion of violating parole by illegally entering the country, weapons possession and failing to register as a sex offender, Papke said.
He said Chavez had been deported after recently serving time for burglary. "This very well could be a third strike," he said, "and if that's the case, he'll be behind bars for at least 20 years this time."

Parks Granddaughter caught in turf battle

By Lisa Van Proyen

Staff Writers

Inner-city gang warfare - symbolized by the murder of LAPD Chief Bernard C. Parks' granddaughter - has erupted in an intensifying battle over turf, money, drugs and power among Bloods and Crips and between Latino and African-American gangs.

The killing of 20-year-old Lori Gonzalez, victim of a gang hit that missed it's target, symbolizes what gang experts, community activists and emergency medical personnel see as the shattering of a fragile peace that had lowered crime rates in recent years.

LAPD officials note that overall gang-related crime is down by as much a 15% citywide this year, but acknowledge that signs of rising tensions are appearing in waves of attacks from South Central to San Pedro since the May 28th Gonzalez shooting.

Yup .... the scum is going nuts around here .... AGAIN. And believe ME, it's going to get a lot worse before it's gets better.

Saturday, March 2, 2002

Gang killings leave Valley Bloody
By Jason Kandel

Staff Writer

Gang tensions remained high in the San Fernando Valley in February with four more gang-related homicides occurring last month after one of the bloodiest Januarys ever, officials said Friday.
Only one nongang homicide occurred in the Valley in February, so the total of five was markedly less than the 15 recorded in January. At least six of the homicides in January were gang-related.
But Los Angeles police in the Foothill Division said tensions between rival gangs in the Northeast Valley and North Hollywood that have been festering for years erupted in violence.
"Everything here is gang-related," said Detective Frank Bishop, who leads Foothill Division's seven-member homicide squad. "North Hollywood gangs are coming up here and shooting up the area. Our guys are going down there and shooting up their area.
"I'm surprised there aren't more deaths."

L.A. Gang-Related Slayings Increase
Gang-Related Slayings Increase As Los Angeles Truces Fade to Memory

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2002 — Nearly a decade after a series of gang truces slowed a skyrocketing murder rate, gang-related homicides are soaring again in Los Angeles.

There were 158 gang-related killings through May and police say the yearly total could reach 370 well above the 346 recorded in 1993, when a Valley gang truce began.
"The gang treaties of the 1990s were a temporary, short-term fix that have not lasted," said Lt. Gary Nanson, commander of a police department gang unit.
Experts blame a new generation of street gangsters who were children when the peace treaties were brokered.
"Yeah, I remember hearing about the truce," Jose "Chuy" Gonzalez, 20, told the Los Angeles Times for Sunday editions. "I remember hearing about JFK getting killed, too."

The truce remains in effect in Watts, south of Los Angeles. Community activists say they try to prevent violence by reminding parolees and young gang members of the truce.
"We school those guys that get out and try to be destructive," said Daude Sherrills, 34, a housing project activist. "We educate them on the value of the treaty and of unity."
William "Blinky" Rodriguez, who helped broker the original Valley gang truce after his 16-year-old son was shot to death, said a new cease-fire is in the works.
There have been neighborhood strategy meetings involving police, community groups, parole officers and lawmakers.
"It has taken a long time to get back to this," Rodriguez said. "The 'hoods are willing to talk again."


Crime? You want crime? Boy o’ boy is this the place to be! Why if crime is your cup of tea, then this is like hitting the lotto! We've got way more than the nation’s share of Murder, Rape, Car-Jackings, Bank Holdups, Domestic Violence, Burglaries, Home-Invasion Robberies, Muggings, Drug Dealing, Assault of all kinds, Freeway Chases, Child Abuse, Drunk Driver’s killing entire families in one fell swoop..... You just name it and we've got it!! And don’t forget... the San Fernando Valley is the Porno Capital of the World!

You might be asking yourself,"Well what are the cops doing besides eating doughnuts?" Good question! Although I'd hate to think of what this shit-hole would be like without the cops, it seems that things have gotten much worse in the last 20 years, even with them here. But they are not to blame, they try, Lord knows how they try!. Alot more than people give them credit for. But it makes the situation pretty tough when you have one of the nation's 'LOWEST' cops per population' ratio. Not to mention that ever since the Rodney King thing, and the race-riots afterwards (and let's not 'sugar-coat' this thing. Let's call it like it was ... it WASN'T an "up-rising"or "civil unrest" was a RACE RIOT), it seems the police are walking on eggshells around here and seem to almost have to ask a suspect's "permission" to arrest them.

Our police are becoming by necessity, less like police and more like soldiers

My thoughts on the LAPD Rampart "Scandal"

Well .... I'm sure the entire freekin' world knows about the LAPD "corruption" scandal by now. It's being blasted in the headlines day after day after day around here. It seems that some cop in the Rampart Division of the LAPD got caught stealing cocaine out of an evidence room, so in order to save his own sorry ass, he started to rat out on his fellow "brothers" about things that they were (or weren't) doing.
So now ... this big brew-ha has erupted and evidently ... it turns out that a bunch of cops have done some rather unsavory things. Like framing some suspects. Or planting evidence on some suspects. And even blowing away one or two.
The TV news, newspapers, and the barking seals at city hall, have been portraying these poor souls who have been victims of this horribly corrupt police department, as innocent victims. Yeah these were just model citizens who were just minding their own business (Probably feeding homeless children no doubt) and the cops came and decided to put bullets through their heads....
Ya know .... for some reason I just can't get worked up over this. So the cops did some unethical things to nail some guys. So fucking what. You can't make an omlet without breaking a few eggs, right? These weren't nuns they were after. These were guys who had rap sheets as long as your arm, were known gang members or criminals ... were basic scumbags. Real oozing puss boils on the ass of society. So the cops stuck a rock of crack in the perp's pocket to help make the bust stick or send these dregs up the river a little longer. I say, who the fuck cares?! I look at it as evening the scales of justice out a little more in favor of the upstanding citizen. It's war out there ladies and gentlemen, and if the cops have to bring out the napalm, SO WHAT. Yeah, maybe some gang scum's "CIVIL RIGHTS" have been violated a little bit. They probably should have been in the can for 500 other things they did but never got caught. Boo Hoo. My heart bleeds for these creeps. It wouldn't break my heart one little bit if the cops had of shot and killed every last one of those fucking skanks.

So there. Sue me.

Well, well, well ..... Whaddya' know .... A few days after I write the above, look what comes out in the paper.....

Gang violence soars 40% in Rampart area

Gang-related violence increased nearly 40% over last year in the Rampart area plagued by a police corruption scandal, figures showed.
Police in January and February recorded 151 violent gang-related crimes, ranging from extortion to rape and murder. That compared to 108 crimes for the same period in 1999.
The increase follows the suspension last fall of two court-ordered injunctions that barred known street gang members from congregating. The injunctions were based on sworn statements from police officers who had lost their credibility.
"It could be a blip, or it could be that gang members are being more brazen since the injunctions have been lifted," said Capt. Robert Hansohn, who heads the Rampart division. "It also could be some gang fight beneath the surface."
Rampart, located between downtown and Hollywood, has been one of the city's most violent and gang-infested areas.

The lifting of the sanctions makes gang members "feel they've been given the green light to go back and terrorize people, and it's going to get worse," argued Ted Hunt, president of the Police Protective League, the union representing police officers.
The corruption scandal has centered on a group of anti-gang officers in the Rampart station. Former Officer Rafael Perez has alleged that officers framed and sometimes shot innocent people. Since the scandal broke last year, more than 40 convictions have been overturned and at least 20 officers have been relieved of duty.

Ever wonder what the cops think about some of us? Ever think that they get just as sick of the morons that they have to deal with, as the rest of us do? Ever wonder what is running through a cop's mind when he trying not to get popped for "violating someone's right's?" and getting shot at, at the same time? Do you think that after having to deal with the most low-life dregs that humanity has to offer, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, that they just go home like the rest of us, walk through the front door with a big smile on their face and shout


I found (and lifted) a piece of a website that is about the thoughts of a real cop. Some of it I found disturbing.... Most of it is right on the freekin’' money.
Especially here in L.A. Want to read it?
Click here.

The other day the "cheerful newslady" voice came over my car radio and proclaimed that Los Angeles may not be the "Bank Robbery Capitol" of the U.S. anymore. In 1996 Los Angeles County had 1,100 bank robberies, but in 1997 we ONLY had 749, she said...
HOORAY!! HOORAY!! Let's have a PARTY!! Let's have a PARADE!! We ONLY had 749 bank robberies last year!!! What progress we've made! Why... we've gone from 3.01 bank robberies per day, down to ONLY 2.05 bank robberies per day!! What WONDERFUL news!
Think about that next time you're at the bank....
Of course, she went on to say, that while the actual total number of bank stick-ups has gone down, the number of 'violent take-over' robberies (like the one in North Hollywood you all saw on TV awhile back)
has increased.
Now.... Doesn't this good news just make you feel all warm and fuzzy now?


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (AP) - Two women were shot and injured early Sunday, one critically, in two freeway shootings.
Helena J. Dobiesz, 55, was shot in the head by a bullet that pierced the left rear window of her car as she drove on the San Diego Freeway, about 20 miles south of the city. She was listed in critical condition. ``She had gone to dinner with a friend. That's all we know,'' Seal Beach police Sgt. Rick Ransdell said. ``It was a random freeway shooting.'' About 40 minutes later, Melody Spicer, 47, was shot in the back as she drove from the San Gabriel Freeway to the Riverside Freeway, about 10 miles south of Los Angeles. She felt a pain in her back, pulled off the road and used a highway call box for help. She was taken to a hospital but her condition was not known.
The shootings were not considered related and no arrests had been made.

(note:) Helena Dobiesz died later that morning,,,

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

Boy Beaten to Death, Officials Say

A 5-year-old Pacoima boy discovered in a shallow grave at the edge of Angeles National Forest was beaten to death by his father, a part-time gardener with a tangled home life, authorities said Tuesday. Ernesto Barrera died as a result of blunt force trauma to his head, allegedly at the hands of his father, 34-year-old Marco Barragon.
Barragon apparently fathered at least 10 children with the child's mother and her sister. Sheriff's deputies have arrested Barragon and the boy's aunt, Juana Barrera, 28, on suspicion of murder and being accessories to murder. They were to be arraigned today. Barragon, a recent Mexican immigrant, has been arrested before for spousal abuse according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lt. Ray Peavy, who is in charge of the investigation.

Armed robbers beat eatery customers

Armed robbers invaded a restaurant and brutalized customers and employees, slashing the throat of a cook, raping a woman and pistol-whipping others during 20 minutes of terror, police said.
The three robbers fled Sunday night with an undetermined amount of cash and valuables and were at large Monday.
The men, all armed with hand-guns, invaded the Grinder restaurant in the Harbor area about 10:30 p.m. Sunday and ordered four customers and three employees to the ground, LAPD officials said. Four more customers walked in on the robbery and were also attacked.
"It was a callous, vicious, brutal act by thugs beating on patrons, taking property and cutting a man’s throat."said Mike Partain, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.
The robbers pistol-whipped some victims and dragged a 21-year-old female customer to the rear of the restaurant where she was raped, investigators said. The sexual assault victim and a 63-year-old woman with severe bruises were treated at a hospital and released, Detective Larry Kallestad said.

Friday, December 19, 1997
2 Teens Arrested in High School Robbery
Police arrested two "hard-core" teenage gang members on suspicion of robbing a fellow student at Apollo High School and stealing $367 in cash that the boy's mother had given him to buy Christmas presents.
The 15- and 17-year-old suspects were booked into Juvenile Hall and all the money, as well as a $50 pager, was recovered and returned to the alleged victim, said Lt. Dick Thomas.
The older boy also faces prosecution for a parole violation due to his conviction for smuggling undocumented workers and 800 pounds of cocaine across the Mexican border. While being interviewed, the teen told officers he had smuggled drugs across the border for about two years before he was caught, and that he received about 10% of the value of the drugs, Thomas said.
He claimed to have amassed more than $500,000 from the work, Thomas said. Both suspects had prior arrests on suspicion of robbery and assault. The 15-year-old is also under investigation in a stabbing in Simi Valley last March.

Stuff you'll never hear about

Christmas Night 1998

It's Christmas night as I write this, and my wife just got home from work. My wife is a checker at "Ralphs" (formally "Hughes" for her last 12 years there)and just walked in the front door.
It's 7 PM.
She tells this story, which is not unlike many other stories she tells me more often than I'd like to hear...
Two women, a daughter and her mother (approx mid 20's and mid-late 40's) were leaving the store with a couple of items, as the store was about to close. They were walking through the parking lot, when they were both attacked by two black men, and each were stabbed with screwdrivers. The perps then grabbed the women's purses and proceeded to try to run off through the parking lot to a waiting car. Fortunately, there happened to be two men in the store that ran outside, tackled the perps to the ground, and held them until the Sheriffs arrived.
Meanwhile, for these two women, Christmas meant being stabbed with blunt instruments ... being smashed into the oily pavement, trips to the hospital, and surely endless hours/days/weeks of recovery, police work, and trials.
This is what it's like around here. It's fucking CHRISTMAS, for christsakes' and you still can't go to the fucking grocery store, without being stabbed in the neck, mugged, and robbed!!!
Yeah .... Merry Christmas to all, and if some had their way, it'd be "lights out"....

These are examples of what goes on in/around L.A. ALL THE TIME!

There has been some proclamations as of late from elected officials (everyone from the President down to the local dog-catcher) that "Crime is down!!" ... "L.A. is a safer place to live!!" .... Yeah, right.
According to some recent stats released by the LAPD, that compare crime stats from the 1st three months of 1998 to the 1st three months of 1997... in many parts of the city, the overall carnage is indeed down by 6.6%. But.... What the elected parrots AREN'T telling you is that in certain parts MURDER is UP BY 50% and RAPES are UP BY 22%!!
LAPD officials are blaming gangs for the sharp rise in murder, but have no easy explanation for the rise in rapes. So while your chances of being robbed or having your house broken into have slightly decreased, your chance of being murdered or raped has skyrocketed. Sure makes me feel alot safer.

There has been a topic lately on talk-radio, about the recent claims of the "drop" in crime. The funny thing is that call after call, the people claim that they don't feel safe. So what if there is a 6% drop in crime in this category, or that category? If you still don't feel safe in your own city, neighborhood, or home, then what the hell good does some statistic do? We all still see the same things going on. Does it really make you feel better knowing the overall rate for rape in a certain area went down 8% if your daughter still gets raped? Does it make a difference knowing that the rate for burglary in your area went down 10% if your home still gets broken into? Does it REALLY matter reading that the murder rate in your part of town goes down 6%, and on the next page you read about the guy behind the counter at the corner 7-11 that got his brains splattered all over the nachos by some punk kid?

HA!! I knew it!! I KNEW IT!!

All you people that have emailed me saying "Awwwww your full of shit! Crime has been going down!" All the politicians, from the Prez, to the Goverenors, to the Senators, to the Mayors, to local Councilmen .... who have been saying " It's a safer place out there! Crime has been cut dramaticly! Just look at the stats! Crime hasn't been this low in 30 years!" Yeah?? YOU'RE ALL FULL OF SHIT!!
We regular folk aren't stupid. We see what's going on around us! You can't tell me that it's a "safer" place out in the streets now, than it was 30 years ago! There wasn't drive-by's then. There wasn't massacres at high schools. There wasn't out of control drug addiction. There weren't armies of gangs. There wasn't a billion other things back then that are commonplace now. And all the while, by my own observations .. the talking heads were telling me what a wonderful world this was becoming ... and something just didn't add up!
I KNEW things weren't all rosey! I KNEW things were fucked up, and getting even MORE fucked up! Now .... here's the proof in the pudding! Read em' and weep boys and girls!

Despite rhetoric, violent crime is up

New study finds 40 percent rise in major cities since 1969

By David A. Vise and Lorraine Adams

Washington Post

Dec. 5th 1999 - Rosy assessments of the nation's declining crime rate wrongly focus on short-term drops from crime peaks early in the decade and ignore the overall rise of violence since the 1960s, according to a new report.

THE 30-YEAR update of a landmark study by the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence found that violent crime in major cities reported to the FBI has risen by 40 percent since 1969.
The new study is intended as a counterpoint to the drumbeat of optimistic reports describing the current drop in crime, and it offers a sober reminder that the United States still suffers from a historically high level of violence.
"There is no attempt here to be doomsayers or naysayers and say nothing good has happened in the last few years. But the intent is to gain perspective by looking back," said Elliott Currie, one of several authors of the original report who also participated in the update.

How safe is your neighborhood?

"This is the kind of crime rate that we would have said is a disaster when we went to work on that crime report 30 years ago. There still is a great deal of trouble out there in our cities, and increasingly in our rural areas, and most people viscerally feel that," Currie said, adding that the study helps explain why many people greet recent reports of dropping crime rates with disbelief.
The National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the wake of riots and profound social upheaval, including the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. Its initial 1969 report argued that violence and unrest stemmed from unmet socioeconomic needs and recommended investments in housing, education and jobs for the disenfranchised.


The new study, which will be formally released later this week, was conducted by the progressive Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation, a private group named for the brother of the former president and charged with carrying on the work of the violence commission and the 1968 Kerner race commission. While crime has declined since 1993 amid the waning of the crack cocaine epidemic and the growth of the economy, the report says this drop exaggerates gains in public safety because it is based on comparisons to unusually high levels of violence that prevailed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The report suggests that this is why Americans do not feel as safe as they did three decades ago, citing a national survey conducted by the foundation in which people were asked, "Is there any area right around here - that is, within a mile - where you would be afraid to walk alone at night?" In 1967, 31 percent of respondents answered "yes"; by 1998, that number had grown to 41 percent.


"If you compare fear in the late 1960s to fear in 1998, there has been an increase of over 30 percent," said foundation president Lynn A. Curtis, who also worked on the 1969 report. Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. acknowledged that a "fear factor" exists across the nation but argued that some measures of crime are at a 30-year low. "I think the fear factor is separate and apart from the statistical evidence," Holder said. "People feel a little safer, but not as safe as they should."
The foundation report also notes the continuing prevalence of crime in the United States relative to other industrialized nations. In one of its more startling comparisons, it states: "In 1995, handguns were used to kill 2 people in New Zealand, 15 in Japan, 30 in Great Britain, 106 in Canada, 213 in Germany, and 9,390 in the United States."
Like the original report, the new study attempts to draw connections between American socioeconomic inequalities and crime. "America's failure to reduce endemic fear and violence over the long run is paralleled by its failure to establish justice. Nearly [one-quarter] of all young children live in poverty. America is the most unequal country in the industrialized world in terms of income, wages and wealth."


The 1969 report warned of a declining "City of the Future," with rampant suburbanization as people fled to what they viewed as safer neighborhoods. Today, the update found, Americans no longer feel they can escape the threat of violence by moving to the suburbs or to rural areas. "Crime and violent acts in the suburbs, such as the Littleton massacre, and the deterioration of the older 'inner-ring' suburbs show that, in the long run, one can't simply abandon the nation's social problems," the report says. "The commission foresaw that a city based on the principle of flight to safety would only deepen social divisions." The study decries what some criminologists and big-city mayors have hailed as the twin towers of crime fighting in the 1990s: a zero tolerance police policy aimed at arresting people for nuisance crimes and serious offenses alike, and a dramatic increase in the incarceration rate. Instead, the study says building more prisons may dampen the crime rate somewhat but is a poor substitute for effective public policies.


"It is painfully clear that we, when it comes to violence, remain a society in deep trouble," the study says. "How deep is masked by the extraordinary explosion of imprisonment since the time of the violence commission, which has shunted a good part of our crime (and drug) problems behind walls and, accordingly, out of most people's sight."
The study cites a number of programs as good public policy approaches to crime prevention, including full-service community schools such as the El Puente Academy in Brooklyn, the Ford Foundation's Quantum Opportunities Program to keep inner-city youth in high school, the South Bronx Argus Community's "training first" job preparation program for out-of-school youth and the San Francisco Delancey Street reintegration program for ex-offenders.
One strategy endorsed in the study is after-school safe havens, such as the Dorchester Youth Collaborative in Boston, which offers teenagers an alternative to the support and protection of a gang.


The collaborative's staff helps teenagers in the program to find jobs. And if they lose the jobs - as they usually do - the collaborative is a place for them to return to, where they can learn from their mistakes and try again. The collaborative also helps settle beefs. "We can say, 'You have your food and friendship here and if you have a problem at school, five or six men and women will come and negotiate with both sides,"" founder Emmett Folgert said. In addition to its analysis of crime data, the Eisenhower Foundation report is full of strongly worded liberal doctrine, citing numerous inequities, including the growing pay gap between chief executive officers and employees. Foundation president Curtis acknowledged that criminologists can debate the use of government statistics and use figures selectively to bolster whatever case fits their agenda. The study's strength, its authors say, lies in the perspective that it provides. Looking at crime statistics over decades, rather than years, is necessary to understand public safety and avoid simplistic conclusions about declines in crime. "The most optimistic view after looking at this," Curtis said, "is that we are in roughly the same ballpark now in the late 1990s as we were in the late 1960s, when everyone said crime is so bad we need a national commission to study it."

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JUNE 2000

Well the L.A. Lakers won their first Championship in over a decade. Now I know this happens in most cities where their sports team wins a championship.... So I wasn't shocked to see the aftermath. Of course the freekin' IDIOTS running the show invited the destruction that happened afterwards. Giant TV screen outside the Staples Center .... Streets blocked off ..... Huge crowd of drunken scumbags outside in the streets .... Very little police presence .... You figure out what would happen, eh?

CLICK HERE to see some pictures of L.A.'s finest citizens 'celebrating' their hero's victory....

Gang Scum Getting Smart???

Well, I know it’s oxymoronic to consider that low-life gangbanging scum would even have a scintilla of a brain, but consider this snippet from an article in the L.A. Times, date May of 2001....

Gangsters Go for a Look That Blends In
Clothes: Many have traded baggy pants and bandannas for dress shirts and slacks.
By MICHAEL KRIKORIAN, Times Staff Writer

These days gang members don't always look like thugs. Taking advice from older criminals--some imprisoned, some retired but consulting, some still active--many hard-core gang members have traded their outfits for a more conservative look, a look police say enables them to expand into white-collar crimes without the early warning the old costume set off.
You may still have the classic Hollywood vision of a gang member: Baggy pants. Bandannas. Tattoos in full view.
But now a more conventionally dressed breed of gang member is emerging throughout Los Angeles. Some wear dress shirts and slacks, the better to blend in. And though not adopted by all gangs, the new look is proving to be a headache for law enforcement agencies as they try to keep track of the estimated 130,000 gang members in the county.

"It used to be we drive down the street and spot the gang members," says Lt. Gary Nanson, head of the Los Angeles Police Department Valley Bureau's Special Enforcement Unit. "Now they're less visible. You can't tell who the bad guys are."

There is more to the article, but that is pretty much all you need to know.
What it boils down to is this.
Before, you used to be able to tell a gangscum from a mile away. Now, you could be right next to one in Sears... at the movies.... at McDonalds.... or even a fancy-dancey restaurant in Marina Del Ray. And not even know it. Before, you could spot those who you knew you’d better take a wide sidestep around. Not now buddy!

Isn’t it a comforting thought to think that while at the mall with your kids, a shoot-out between rival gangscums could break out and you were never aware because you couldn’t spot the warning signs? Boy o’ boy, that would make ME feel great!

I guess you’ll still be able to spot some of them, but it’s going to take some work. After all, you still can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. A piece of shit, is still a piece of shit no matter how much toilet paper you wrap it up in.
If you hear an 18 year-old Mexican in a business suit, still speaking "homeboy"... that’s a good clue. After all, this ain’t "My Fair Lady". An uneducated, swill-bucket gangscum is not going to be speaking the King’s English any time soon. If you see a 19 year-old black wearing Dockers, a shirt and tie and penny loafers, but flashing a gang sign.... That’s a good clue too. Old habits die hard ya know and some will never be broken.

So apparently the only idiots who will still ‘look’ like gangscum are all the stupid white kids wearing their baggy ‘this’ and their backwards ‘that’. I never could figure that one anyway. You’d think they had enough brains to figure out that dressing like a fucking clown could get them fucking dead. But with the way public school is nowdays and MTV and the media telling them you can’t possibly be "cool" unless you imitate some worthless street slime..... But that’s a whole `nother story, isn’t it?


The 18th Street Gang, the city's most notorious band of outlaws, has reportedly put out word that it will pay $10,000 to anyone who injures a police officer - and $25,000 to anyone who kills one.
According to an internal police memo obtained by ABCNEWS, the gang is allegedly offering the "bail" or "bounty" to gang members and anyone who purchases drugs from them.
Police said they are taking the threat seriously. "I can tell you that the source of the information... [is] of the type of credibility that does warrant an active and intense investigation," said Capt. Michael Moore, of the Rampart Division.
As a result, the LAPD has issued a department-wide warning to its officers about the bounty. But the main target of the threat appears to be the troubled Rampart Division, located in a high-crime neighborhood west of downtown Los Angeles. It is not the first difficulty for Rampart officers in recent months. The Rampart Division emerged at the center of the worst corruption scandal in LAPD when a former officer with the division accused it of shooting, beating and framing suspects.

Gang members told a reporter they knew nothing about any bounty for dead or wounded police officers.
But the police department is already noting what it calls some suspicious activity: they believe gang members are placing false calls to the department to see how officers respond.
"Information also indicated that the gang members are utilizing surveillance and counter-surveillance on officers and department facilities," the internal memo reads. "It is believed that these gang members are placing false calls to see how LAPD responds to calls and the tactics deployed." "They wanna make threats, they can make 'em," Rampart Sgt. Patrick McCarty told The Associated Press. "A threat is one thing, but to try to accomplish that threat is another thing." He said police are used to working with such threats. "We've had them in the past," he said. "We're just going to be on alert as always."

Well, well, well .... Business as usual in the "Anus of the Universe" ....

(For those of you who don't know.... Taft High School is located in about the "ritziest" section of the San Fernando Valley. "South of the Boulevard" as they say. You have to have some serious money to live there. When this story first broke, the police were saying it didn't appear to be 'gang related'. Oh, yeah, riiiiiiiight! What a bunch of BULLSHIT. Yeah, kids who live in 6 & 7 figure income neighborhoods just happen to go around shooting each other in drive-by shootings! Suuuuure! Happens all the time! What a bunch of pathetic morons....
No, they said this because the people who live there, seem to think that this 'gang' stuff is just an 'inner-city' problem. Oh, it couldn't EVER possibly happen where WE live! Well, wake up Mr. and Mrs. Woodland Hills! It can and does! Get your freekin' heads out of your ass and realize what a shithole you truly live in! Yeah, buddy! "L.A.'s the Place" alright..... )

Taft Pupils still Afraid

By Jason Kandel
Staff Writer
September, 2003

WOODLAND HILLS -- Nearly 400 Taft High School students stayed away from classes Wednesday as police stepped up security and crisis counselors reassured teens and worried parents in the aftermath of Tuesday's drive-by shooting.
Los Angeles police detectives searched for the red Mitsubishi and the three males who witnesses say yelled a gang slogan and then fired a semiautomatic handgun into a crowd waiting at a bus stop across the street from Taft. Three students were wounded, one critically.
Counselors met with students, many of whom stood near the shooting site on the southeast corner of Ventura Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue. Officials reassured students and their parents they would be safe. As a precaution, extra police patrols cruised the streets around the campus. The enforcement will continue through the week.
"We're ready to get back to the business we're about -- learning," said teacher Tom Pease. "The faculty feels safe. The students feel safe." Officials said 397 of the school's 3,500 students were absent, compared with 211 on Monday and 235 Tuesday. Some students who returned to school feared more violence.
"I'm worried that the shooters are going to come back," said senior Nima Kahen-Kashani, 17, as she walked along Winnetka. "They haven't caught them yet." The shooting at 2 p.m. Tuesday left three teens hospitalized after three assailants drove by a bus stop in a red Mitsubishi, yelled a gang slogan, and the person in the passenger seat fired three rounds into the crowd.
Injured were Augustin Galindo, 16, a varsity football player; Paul Herzlich, 15; and Lizbeth Santana, 17, of Tarzana. Santana was waiting to catch a bus to work at a nearby bakery. The bullet struck her in the back and broke several bones before exiting out of her mouth, said an official close to the investigation. She was listed in stable condition at Northridge Hospital.
Herzlich remained in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center, where he was airlifted with a gunshot wound to the chest. The bullet caused extensive damage, and relatives said doctors had not yet determined whether the teen would ever walk again.
"He's still in critical condition, and we still don't know," said Herzlich's grandmother, Adele Rosen of Encino. "It could be weeks, it could be months, it could be years. They can't tell."
Rosen said her grandson was slipping in and out of consciousness. "I'll be at the hospital tomorrow, and hopefully I'll know more by then," she said. Galindo was in stable condition at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, recovering from a gunshot wound to the back.

Police continued their search for the assailants, described only as black males believed to be gang members. Police said they believe the shooter was aiming at another unidentified male standing at the bus stop, but missed him. The intended victim has not been found