"It's a hellava' thing when you kill a man. You take away everything he's got ..... And everything he's ever gonna have".

Clint Eastwood in the "Unforgiven"

Who needs to wait till they're DEAD? They're doing it to you NOW.


There was a time.... In the "Golden Age" of Hollywood... That virtue ran true. Movies were uplifting, right was right, the good guy wore the white hat and not only got the girl in the end but won. Films were patriotic and "God" was something you didn't use to pretext "Damn". There was a time when all the kids wanted to be John Wayne and for good reason. Even though the characters were fictitious, what they represented for the most part was wholesome and something to look up to. Sex was subtle and violence was held to a minimum. A man and a woman would kiss and the scene would fade. You knew what happened next, you didn't need to see explicit pornographic images. Violence consisted of a fistfight or a gunshot. And even then you usually saw some guy clutching his chest and falling down. It would have been totally unthinkable to show some guy getting cut up with a chainsaw or his head being blown off with a 12-guage.

This is not to say the people in Hollywood were completely virtuous. To say otherwise couldn't be further from the truth. There was of course the usual amount of perverted sex, drugs, degradation, orgies, etc. etc. But the image they put forth was appealing. It was what the people wanted to see. It made them feel good, if only for a couple of hours. Who could not leave the theater after seeing 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' with a swell of patriotism in their chest? Who didn't cheer seeing John Wayne blow a few Jap fighter planes from the sky? Who didn't melt at the sound of Judy Garland's golden voice?

Funny, how at one time Hollywood put out films that the audience wanted to see, rather than Hollywood deciding to put out films to get the audience to think/feel the way they want them to.

Now... You might be asking yourself.... "Hollywood Mindwash"... This is leading to something here. Something obviously not good. Hey, wait a minute, he's going to write something about Hollywood being the downfall of this or that. Well, it's not just Los Angeles or California that's affected if he's going to rag on Hollywood you say. It's the whole country that is being brainwashed.... At least that's what you ought to be thinking...
And you're right. The utter filth and garbage that comes out of Hollywood does affect the country as a whole. So why do I write this? Because what would the first word out of your mouth be if you were playing a word association game and someone said "Movies"?

Ahhhh....... See?

And being that I have lived not to far away from Hollywood for almost all of my life (I know, I know.... The town and the industry have long ago parted company for the most part) and it's in L.A. .... And as an operator for so long with the LADWP and having to 'supervise' these indignant asshole jerks whenever they wanted to use/rent LADWP property as location for a shoot... I feel I can write a little something about it. Especially since it is pretty much destroying the moral fiber of the country today. And it all started with (Sing along now..) HOLLLLLLLEYWOOOOOOD!!!!

I'll get right down to it. The JEWS run Hollywood, they have for a long time and make no mistake about it. In fact the JEWS run damn near every form of media there is today. Movies, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, you name it. And make no mistake. There is an agenda. What is that you ask. To destroy White Christian America.

Jews have historically been like hermit crabs. They infest and fill up whatever shelter they can worm their way into and when they have used it up, worn it out, sucked whatever blood they could from it, they move on to new pickin's'. Of course after they have left the area infested with little "crablettes" of course... Some cultures have resisted the Jews. Some have been successful and others have not.

But the Jews have learned well. They learned long ago that you can't go into a new place like a tidal wave and expect to achieve their Zionist goals. You have to be sneaky and underhanded and be akin to a weasel. You must work your plan in over a long period of time so that for the most part, people are unaware. Most people anyway. There are those of us who still can see the forest for the trees.

And Hollywood, along with all the different forms of media is one of their major tools. When you control most everything people see, read and hear… Well, if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.

You can pick almost any movie, TV show, etc. of the last 30 years and see that it's been produced, directed, written by and starring Jews. And the Jews know that feeble-minded people are affected by the movies and TV shows they sit in front of and soak in. And believe me, most people are that feeble-minded. How many morons have you heard say "Oh! I just LOVED that movie!! It ...it .... Changed my LIFE!!"

So this is why we have a generation of kids all dressing and acting like inner city gang-banging 'niggaz' praying to the altar of some 70 IQ 'rap' star, who if not for the fact that he/she could actually string a few sentences together, should be in prison. This is why you have a generation of girls who think that these 'latina' pop stars with their bleach blonde hair, 12 pounds of mascara and purple lipstick smeared all over their ballon lips, are beautiful and hip and want to be just like them. All brought to you by MTV and the Jews behind it.

At one time you had strong father figures on TV and the movies. The Ward Cleaver types. Nowdays, if there even IS a father, he's portrayed as some bumbling doofus whose wife and kids are smarter than he is and is generally just in the way. Instead of Ward Cleaver, now we get Eldridge Cleaver. Or you had Archie Bunker. A white middle class, middle aged guy who was portrayed as a moronic bigot. All brought to you by the Jews.

Ever see the show "King of the Hill'? You have Hank who has his moral standards and believes in what he does/says/thinks ... To which he is made to look like the stiff and unbending cardboard jerk who is so 'out of it' he doesn't even know what a dork he is.... You have Dale, a radical 'militia' type, who is so fucking stupid that he doesn't know his wife is fucking the Indian guy (for YEARS) and his kid is the Indian's... Hank's son Bobby who is a little soft fat kid, more interested in eating cake and pie and sounding like a Jewish comedian.... Boomhower, who is white, but mumbles his words like some inner city black.... Bill the 'enlisted man' who has absolutely zero self-esteem and spends all his time lamenting the fact that his wife dumped him....
All brought to you by the guy that brought you Beavis and Butthead ... Only in this case if you watch the credits you'll see he has a partner. David Cohen. What a surprise. Check the rest of the credits.
What do you suppose would happen if this were a cartoon about blacks? Or Mexicans? Oh the howls of protest would be never-ending! All brought to you by the Jews.

We used to have 'The Rifleman'. Now we have 'Boston Public', telling us 'People aren't the problem… GUNS ARE'. We used to have 'The Brady Bunch'. Now we have 'Bernie Mac'. We had shows like 'Married with Children' showing a white family as about the most misfit group of Jerry Springer type low life's imaginable. Check the credits. Jews. While at the same time we had the loveable Cosby Show. Those wacky, wonderful, witty and oh SO PC cute little cuddly black teddy bears.
Nowdays, for the most part, any show about blacks or Latinos, they are depicted as hip, suave, cool and smart. Whites? Depicted as morons. All brought to you by the Jews.

You have movies like 'Pleasantville' that depict white middle class America in the 50's as somehow something boring, unattractive and chock full of deep seated perversions. At one time Disney brought you movies like 'Snow White'. Now you have the crap like 'Atlantis'. You have movies nowdays that are perfectly fine showing some black humping white chicks with the underlying message that not only is it perfectly OK to do this, it's desirable and if you're a white chick and don't let some sweaty black impregnate you, you're somehow a "racist". You have trash like 'Crazy/Beautiful' where only the whites are the drug addicted criminals (In L.A. of all places) who need to be saved by the wonderful Mexicans. 'American History X' where the evil white skinhead does a 180 of his beliefs after he gets buttfucked by a 'fellow' Aryan and then is befriended by some sort of Slappy White character. Now I could just about go on here forever with the evidence, but you get the idea.

We used to get Clint Eastwood. Now we get Denzil Washington. We used to get Arnold Schwarzenegger . Now we get Cuba Gooding Jr. We used to get John Wayne and Chuck Heston. Now we get Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy. We are told in the movies and on TV that white is bad and black/brown is good. Whites are portrayed as the criminals and blacks as our saviors. You can't be "cool' or "hip" unless you act like some third-world/inner city cockroach with baggy pants, your hat on backwards and every other word out of your mouth is "motherfucker". All brought to you by the Jews.

And why you ask? If it were 'one on one' would the Jews stand a chance? Of course not and they've learned their lesson well. So they'll brainwash the young. They'll dilute the whites with lesser races and tell you that you're "good" and "progressive" and "enlightened" because you've added another bastard child into the world who they can then brainwash also. And then when all the resistance is gone… Since they figure that the blacks and Mexicans aren't smart enough to run the show by themselves… Then they'll completely take over. All brought to you by the Jews.

I've often thought to myself, if there was an alien world receiving our radio and TV transmissions, they would think that damn near the entire planet earth was made up of blacks, Mexicans and Jews. And that whites are the scourge of the earth.
All brought to you by the Jews.

OK, so you think I'm full of shit? Been smokin' that wacky-weed? You think this is all a paranoid delusion I'm having in my own warped little world? Well, take a look at this... RIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH....

Rabbi: ADL 'defamed' Billy Graham
'Stranglehold' on Hollywood 'no lie,' says Jewish activist

March 8, 2002

© 2002 WorldNetDaily.com

A prominent American rabbi insists the Anti-Defamation League has defamed Rev. Billy Graham in its criticism of remarks the Protestant evangelist made about Jews 30 years ago in the Oval Office.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of the activist group Toward Tradition, maintains ADL director Abraham H. Foxman's characterization of Graham as a purveyor of "age-old classical anti-Semitic canards" is unfair.

The "canard" in question, notes Lapin, is that Jewish people are disproportionately represented among Hollywood and other media powerbrokers. In secretly recorded remarks to President Nixon that recently were released to the press, Graham spoke of a Jewish "stranglehold" on the media.

"The unfairness of this ADL attack was highlighted by the week's news that the producers of 'A Beautiful Mind' deliberately left out any references to the genuinely anti-Semitic beliefs and comments of their protagonist, mathematician John Nash, amply documented in Sylvia Nasar's biography on which the film is based," said Lapin, author of "America's Real War," a book that encourages a return to Judeo-Christian principles.

Lapin pointed out that according to published reports, the film's director, Ron Howard, did this at least partly because he hoped to garner Academy Award recognition.

"Given that the Hollywood establishment indeed includes a considerably greater proportion of people of Jewish ancestry than does the American populace as a whole, Mr. Howard was concerned that the Academy would justifiably spurn a film that lionized an anti-Semite," Lapin explained. "To call that a 'stranglehold' may not be polite, but it is no lie, either."

Lapin says he cannot understand why it is acceptable for Howard to "acknowledge this reality, however implicitly; but when Billy Graham did so, long ago and in private, it was somehow different – 'chilling and frightening,' in Mr. Foxman's words."

The ADL's statement "forced a heartfelt apology from the frail and elderly Rev. Graham," Lapin noted.

In a statement released by his public relations firm March 1, Graham said: "Although I have no memory of the occasion, I deeply regret comments I apparently made in an Oval Office conversation with President Nixon ... some 30 years ago. They do not reflect my views and I sincerely apologize for any offense caused by the remarks."

Foxman has refused to accept Graham's apology, however, which he called "mealy-mouthed."

"Such insults are truly inappropriate," said Lapin. "Could it be that these attacks are directed at Billy Graham because he is a conservative evangelical Christian – whereas Ron Howard gets a pass because he is not a Christian in that mold?"