You literally cannot, read the paper, watch T.V., or listen to the radio, in Los Angeles or Southern California for that matter, without there being 2,3,4 murders EVERY SINGLE DAY. And the worst thing about it is that this kind of thing is just accepted. There was a time when a murder would have been front-page headlines. Now... you could wake up in the morning, hear about 5 murders last night, and nobody cares, except immediate family.... and sometimes not even that. Ho-Hum. Just another day in L.A.

But when a celebrity dies or better yet is murdered, (for the media anyway... it gives them a story) then... you hear about it for WEEKS! And don’t forget... we have more than our share of famous people being murdered, and serial murders. I really think that for the most part, that people who live here are bored if there isn’t some good 'murder-case' going on. They live for death. What a place, eh????

Los Angeles ( Including the whole State of California .... which don't get me wrong, I think California SUCKS just as much as L.A.) has got to be the "Psycho Serial Killer Capitol" of the U.S. Seems about every 5 years or so, we get some crazed looney that takes out about half a dozen Angelenos. Alot of the victims are whores, so that doesn't bother me too much, ( Did I mention the overabundance of whores we have? Looking for some aids-infested hole with a crack addiction the size of the Grand Canyon, for a little sleazy fun? This is the place!!) but more often than not, it's the 'regular' person that ends up being butchered. Here's a little list of (Famous and not-so-famous) California Serial Killers. Oh... by the way.... these are just in the last 30 years or so... but things will pick up I'm sure.

After all, L.A. is a "trend-setter", so to speak....



Patrick Kearney
"Trash-Bag Murderer"
Charles Ng / Lenord Lake
Jaun Corona
"The Machete Murderer"
Richard Ramirez
"The Night Stalker"
Randy Kraft
"The Southeren
California Strangler"
William Bonin
"The Freeway Killer"
Robert Silverin
"The Boxcar Murderer"
William L. Suff
"The Riverside Prostitute Killer"
Herb Mullin
Vaughn Greenwood
"The Skid-Row Killer"
Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono
"The Hillside Strangler"
Ed Kemper
"The Co-ed Killer"
David Carpenter
"The Trailside Killer"
Dorthea Puente
"The Zodiac Killer"
Gerald Parker
"The Bedroom Basher"
Morris Solomon
Douglas Clark & Carol Bundy
"The Sunset Strip Killers"
Richard Chase
"The Vampire Killer of Sacramento"
Cleophus Prince
Lawerence Bittaker
Ray Norris
Andrew Urdiales
Cary Stayner
"The Yosemite Park Killer"
Wayne Adam Ford
Ramon Rodgers
Harvey Glatman
Charles Manson & Friends
"The Family"

Nice bunch of "people" isn't it?
Kinda' makes you want to call your Real Estate agent RIGHT NOW, dosen't it??? (to get the fuck OUT, anyway....)

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Now so far, all I’ve shown in the above are "California" Serial Killers. I haven’t even mentioned all the "spree" killers. You know, the guys who just SNAP one day, walk into a McDonald’s with an AR-15, dressed up like they’re freekin’ "Rambo" and splatter people’s brains all over the counter in their perverse attempt to create a new ‘secret sauce’. Or the stressed out civil-service employee, who upon learning that he’s about ready to get ‘canned’ decides the solution to his problem is to air-condition a few of his supervisors. And how about those whacky Postal Workers? Give them a car and a ‘cannon’ of a hand-gun and there’s no telling of the death and destruction, in as many cities as possible, that they’ll cause. Maybe you or your wife and kids... that is if your lucky enough to live in this wonderful place. All it takes is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time around here. Now I know that could be said of anyplace, but your chances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time are greatly enhanced around here.

And let us not forget the murders that are kinda’ ‘one-shot-deals’ (pun intended). All the way from the son’s of famous comedian’s being blown away, because the only mistake they made was to have a flat tire. Or the wife of a famous ex-pro football player who’s BIG mistake was to marry the loathsome creep.

Down to the average folk. Like me ... or you ... or your spouse and/or kids.

And don’t kid yourself. ... in this town, you could be murdered tomorrow, and chances are they’ll never catch the murderer.

They found her surgically cut in half .... Blood and organs completly removed ..... A nice clean job .... With the corners of her mouth slit up to her ears , as in some mockingly groutesque clown smile.... And strange triangles carved out of her flesh in different spots .....
Let's also not forget that her womb had been sliced open as you would gut a trout .....