Ahhhh ..... Earthquakes. Gotta’ love `em! You better if your going to live in California, because believe you me, we have earthquakes out the ass around here. In fact we have earthquakes in dozens of different places in California every day. Some just a little more severe than others. Here in L.A. we seem to be getting a really good one about every 10 years or so. Loads of fun, wondering if your going to DIE horribly at any given moment. Ever wonder what it would be like to die by being crushed by a freeway overpass? Or how about having the whole damn freeway fall on you? You better damn-well hope your killed instantly ... how’d you like to lay there for God knows how long, half crushed, just waiting to die. Or how about being trapped in your crumbled house or apartment, while you burn to death because you can’t get out? Or hearing the tormented screams of your children being cooked like a Tri-tip roast because they’re trapped in a burning room or building, and you can’t get them out? Sound like a wonderful way to live to you???

Oh... and don’t let me forget another little added attraction... say you don’t fall off he edge of a fallen freeway bridge, don't burn to death, don't get crushed to death, do survive your loved ones being horribly killed right before your eyes, or do have everything you own destroyed because your house caved in or burned.... You get to leave your quake-rattled home (and chances are pretty good that you will if your anywhere near the epicenter), and you’ll be able to take comfort in the fact that some scum-bags, who your already supporting through welfare, will go through your stuff, and steal any and everything. The things you have worked an entire lifetime to get. Stolen by someone who should probably have been in the slammer already.

Life just doesn’t get ANY better!

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By Greg Gittrich
Daily News Staff Writer
Scientists have found solid proof of a massive thrust fault under downtown Los Angeles capable of producing devastating earthquakes across a broad area.
After years of speculation, the discovery published today in the journal Science is the first to decisively map a "blind thrust" fault under the city, similar to the previously unknown fault that caused the catastrophic Northridge Earthquake on Jan. 17, 1994.
Called the Puente Hills Fault, the newly identified fracture lies two miles or more below the surface and stretches 25 miles south of downtown along the Puente Hills near Whittier and into Orange County near Brea.
"Because it's so close to a populated area the fault has to be considered a serious potential hazard," said Peter M. Shearer, a seismologist at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, who conducted the study with geologist John Shaw of Harvard University. The study - using oil and gas company exploratory data not previously available - found that one of the fault's three segments tends to rupture about every 250 to 1,000 years, causing a Northridge-size quake of a magnitude 6.6 or greater. A simultaneous rupture of the three segments occurs between every 500 to 2,000 years, resulting in a magnitude 7.0 temblor.


Another great thing about California and the Los Angeles area ... you can count on it damn-near burning to the ground almost every year! And as if ol' Mother Nature herself playing tricks wasn't enough reason to torch this dump, we get a good amount of pyro's around here applying their "trade". In fact most of the major fires around here are set by these psychotic assholes. Kinda' comforting to know that your family, possessions, and literally everything you've worked for could be destroyed by some freak who's getting his rocks off by watching your home burn down, isn't it?

Just think! It's summer time ... 100+ degrees outside ... 75% humidity .... So smoggy you can't see 3 miles away .... And you get the wonderful addition of the place burning up all around you! God.... I just love this place!


Now... after all this has happened ... when the winter rains come, we have even more fun around here! Entire hillsides coming down on houses and roads. Buildings and cars being pushed into the ocean. Homes crashing down mountainsides when the foundations have been swept away from under them. People losing everything they have when the wave of mud, rocks, and trees come crashing through their living rooms and snapping their homes in half like a matchstick. It's a wonder more people don't die ! Of course though, in their undying quest to live 'in the hills', morons will build houses where Mother Nature NEVER intended anything to be built. Look anywhere in the Santa Monica Mountains and you see a good percentage of the houses built on stilts! No backyard... no front yard ... nothing but a box hanging in mid-air. And people think that is coooool. And to top it all off, these same idiots will cry and boo-hoo when their little Barbie Dream-Boxes slalom down some mountainside, and then cry big crocodile tears on T.V. saying that the GOVERNMENT should help them! Yeah ...... boo-fucking-hoo. Of course these are probably the same cretins that will drive through road barricades and then wonder why, and then cry, ... that their car got flooded and swept away in a flood control basin.... that they drove straight into. Real mental giants these people are.

Not to say that just L.A. and Southern California are limited to floods and mudslides. Happens all over the state... maybe even more so in the northern part of the state. Just can't seem to get away from it anywhere! Of course the difference being that some parts of the state know it's going to happen, usually are prepared, and deal with it... and other parts snivel and cry and whine "Why ME?!?".