Whoa! People have been actually sending me Email! I've decided to include this page because oft times while looking at other websites that may be considered a 'tad' controversial ... I've thought to myself, 'Holy shit! .... I wonder what kind of email that guy is getting?!?'

So... with that in mind... and thinking that you all are as curious as I am... here is a small smattering of quips and quotes I've received as of late. Some good, some bad ... ya take your kudo's along with the licks I guess. Anyway, for the most part, these have been trimmed a bit, and the identity and location of the author has been deleted or altered for their privacy.

*NOTE - My comments are in green.

Interesting website. Please don't send folks north to (******). Encourage people to move east. heh heh.
You missed the Riots, but I just quickly wandered through.
You might be hearing from Gloria and maybe even Johnny C. Maybe it can be reworded so they don't have recourse as they are public figures.
I used to think that Gloria never saw a bandwagon not worth jumping on.
Or maybe a Lawyers page with all the great sayings of Johnny Cochran: Van Atter and Fuhrman, twin devils of deception. If the glove doesn't fit, you MUST acquit! And so on.

anonymous ;)

Hey AWM (Angry White Man), Get me a plane ticket out of this shit-hole. Lets all move to Montana and live in peace! This is totaly rad web page....


Your opinion, which is only your free opinion, is plain out shitty. You obviosly have no life, you spend time composing a page (which is a great one) all about a place were you live. I lived in Long Beach for 13 years and would love to move back.. You forgot to mention the beaches and people (not gang realated). California is not called "the golden state" for nothing. Your petty bullshit is stupid and immature. Get a life and move if you have a problem with cally. Its too bad.. people like you and gang bangers are who destroy cally's rep. Take your page and stick it far far far up you ass. have a great day,


Gotta love it.... the gangbangers and ME, are destroying California's reputation....
Anybody up for a Quantum Physics lesson by this mental giant?

Hey man you got some nasty-cool pictures. Why do I get the feeling you're a fireman? take more pictures.

joe at (******)

No, no, nooooooooooooooo! (rat-tat-tat-tat!!.......thud.)
Whew! Just looking through the FIRST link, I got up to shut the front door to my house!
Great job from what I have seen so far. I'll let you know what I enjoyed the most a little later.

Later, Brad

Hey Bruce
Just thought that you would like to know that I have decided not to move to LA or for that mater CA. We are from Canada and have decided to move back to where there is little crime, violence, smog, earthquakes etc. Yet we will have to deal with our cold weather, oh well that's not such a bad trade off.
I appreciate your information in helping me make a huge decision in my life and for my family's.
Thank you,

Great pages, very well done, lots of passion. But...WHY are you still there? Why berate the reader when the writer is still living there? Sell the house and move!


Just went through your page. A lot of it is true, most of it, in fact.
One question though: why are so many people still living here, and more are willing to come here to visti and/or stay? Is the entire state of California a bunch of idiots? Why don't you try to look at the bright side for a change? Don't you see anything good in CA and in LA at all?
Your problem is that you let all of this stress get to you, I don't, but maybe I'm just too young to care. It's impossible to find a perfect place on Earth. Yes, people do live everywhere, but being killed or having the home ruined by a tornado is hardly a viable alternative to me, but maybe it is for you. Hell, people live in Mexico, in Africa, in Croatia, everywhere, it doesn't mean that we have to go there. There are certain trade-offs that exist. I am 27, I have a wife, and we are NOT planning to move from here, at least not in the near future. Although, the definition of "near" is very likely to change. For now, I like it here, and believe me, I've been places, I've traveled around and I've compared. Maybe you will advise of some better place, and I will be willling to visit there and see it for myself. Oh, and thanks for the tremendeous effort on creating that page. I really mean it.


I have just one thing to say to you. AMEN!!!! I live in (******) But I have been down there and the stuff you said about CA is right on the button. Liberals suck, and its getting worse. Keep up the good rage-page!


Please leave ASAP and take as many malcontents with you as possible. Thanks in advance,


I saw your website. Very intense! That must of taken a lot of hours to make.You should do it in spanish and send it to Mexico. They wont want to come here then!


Nice work but L.A. sucks? Tell me something I DIDN'T know!
Like the midi player and sound selections. Good lookin graphics and HTML.

CHOW -- jh and dp

As a 57+ year resident of the *greater* LA area (currently ******) and a veteran of 37 years at LA D(epressing)W(ork)P(lace), I sorta know where you're coming from. Still, one has to ask: where the hell in this country, that's on a down-hill slide to the 3rd world, do you think it's any better?!


Nothing like your wife arriving home all excited.
"There were 3 people shooting at each other"!!
What did you do, I asked?
"Just sat in my car and watched".
What did the other cars do, I asked?
"They turned around and raced off".
Seems like we are in the same boat. What about the 2 motorcycles I've had stolden? Thats not the complete list.



Michael (******) (but planning to move back to Cocoa Beach FL)

Wow, you really seem to hate LA and CA. One question, why don't you move?


I really enjoyed your page, very informative. You did a good job.

Hi Bruce,
Congratulations on your web site. I haven't read all of it yet and I'm sure there are things I'll disagree with which is to be expected I suppose.
However, it has a great look and I love the concept. I can see you put a lot of work into it. Good luck with it. I'll send the url to my friends.


Hey Bud,
Man! Did you hit a nerve or what with these people? I think it's great that you have made such a controversial site.


Here's one of my favorites.... Ya know, I can take constructive critisizm as well as the next guy. Different opinons don't bother me much either. But sometimes you run across an idiot of such gigantic purportions... Well, you just gotta' say something...
I visited your web page and noted that all of your issues are basically Los Angeles related. (Well DUUUUH! I think thats what the title says) If you take a look at a map, you will notice that Los Angeles is only a very small part of the LARGE state of California. (REALLY!) Those of who live in San Diego (another part of California that is south of LA) make no claim to be part of, similar to, or in any way associated with LA. (Gee... did I say that anywhere??) I think that LA sucks also.
(Here's the good part...) But, before some low browed, no-neck looser like you sitting in front of mommie and daddyıs computer starts extrapolating (look the word up in a dictionary) his views on LA to the entire state, (try THE WORLD, Einstien) he should open up his eyes and try to experience the rest of the state (such as the wonderful, beautiful, friendly San Diego!). (Yeah... I see how friendly you are... Wonderful? If your a tourist, maybe .... If your a sailor ... that's a whole different story. The ONLY good thing I've EVER seen about San Diego are the 'cleanliness ratings' posted on the doors of resturants.)
I hear that Siberia is a nice place. Perhaps you should get off skid row, pack up your cardboard box of a home and move there!

(Too chicken-shit to sign their nice little letter... Why do I get the feeling that this person is either some pimply-faced 14 year-old, who figures he's got the WHOLE world figured out, playing on his new "WebTV"... Or some public school teacher that I've really hit a nerve with, because I've said what most of the rest of us know.... that they're less than worthless and doing a horrible job.)

Great site, unique and honest. After you leave LA, you have to see Market St in Philadelphia and the New Orleans. We live outside of (******) and now it is a war zone.


I grew up in California, and as the song goes "I was born in East LA". Joined the LAPD in 1968 and worked Rampart Division until 1989. I transferred to Devonshire Division in 1989 and moved to (******) in 1992. The best and hardest decision I ever made. I joined the (******) Police Department and life has been good.


Coming from an expatriot of LALA land GOOD JOB...
You forgot unemployment... I moved to NYC (a better hell hole than LA) because the illegals where driving down the dollar an hour rate to such a level that I could no longer afford to live there.
I worked for ***** ***** in Torrance Ca. for $10.00 an hour and was damn glad to get it. I moved to NYC and was OFFERED without haggling $14.00 an hour to do the same work that I was doing in LALA land. Keep up the good work!


You just happen to reflect how I've felt about this city for at least fifteen years.
You mentioned "Bleeding heart Liberals"....Well, my dad used that phrase twenty five years ago, but another favjorite of mine is "Pablum Puking Liberals". (I heard that one from Morton Downey Jr.) I was born in this town in 1946 at Cedars of Lebanon hospital (Cedars of Leibowitz) on Fountain Ave in Hollywood which is now the Scientology main building. I remember my Mom and Dad taking me to the show...either the Victory drive in or the Van Nuys drive in on Roscoe Bl. and we used to leave the house open! Just the screens keeping anything out. My Mom and Dad are gone, but here I am living in that house that I grew up in in ***** ******** that when we moved in was in horse country, our property went about halfway into what is not that big concrete flood control channel that runs through the valley and that's where the stables were. The neighborhood is filling up with third worlders. Well, whatever happens, Good Luck to you and yours.


Great page. One of the best that I have seen on the net.
I agree, LA SUCKs, that is why I moved to Missouri several years ago. I lived both in Long Beach and the bay area. We have Gang problems in Missouri, Kansas City and St Louis both, but, there are lots of open, remote areas to get away from them. Keep up the good work, am looking forward to new additions to your page..


First off all, my respect goes out to you. You have done a marvelous job which I assumed took many, many hours to write. It was very informative and rather entertaining...I mean the choice of words. It is rather negative, but hey...everyone's entitled to their opinions. Best wishes to you and your family and remember: your cries have not falled upon deaf ears.


Son ******** ********, CA

Enjoyed your pages. You have done really great work. I would like to see you do the flip side of the coin now and put out that much effort on that and see what you can come up with for that. I know you have some good things about LA and CA or you would have been gone a long time ago.
I transplanted to LA in 1969 after being discharged from USMC. I was born and raised in St. Joseph, MO. I lived in Glendale, CA for 6 years. I met my 3rd and present wife while working on Wilshire Blvd near Vermont Ave. We move to where we are now on the xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx in 1977. If you look at the map we are only about 20 miles from the earthquake capital of the world, xxxxxxxx, CA. I for one would never move from CA. My wife and I look for some place to move to and live our retirement years.
I for one see more thing positive for CA than negative. Most of the people I know have that feeling about CA. I have many friends from different part of the Asian world and also Central and South America.


Thank you!, I Live in xxxxxxx, That's between xxxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx And it has been getting progressively worse over this last decade.

You have given me the courage I need to get out.


Saw your link in the newsgroups. Nice page.
Glad I don't live there, this year we had 4 murders. All were solved,domestic violence. I live in Canada, city has about 500,000 people. Pretty tame compared to a lot of cities.
I love the gang part, about the fact that the "new homies" have no honor. I figure the kids here have "no honor" because most wouldn't open a door for a senior citizen.Guess I'm not gang material like uhhhm welllll ahhhh you know because I uhhh haven't ummmm been to Harvard.
Why do they try to stop prison riots? If the prisoners have no guards hostage I say give them a pile of guns and let them fight. Go in a week later to clean out the bodies. It would cut taxes, bullets are cheaper than keeping them in jail for 15 years, and better than the death penalty because you wouldn't have a bunch of bleeding hearts complaining about the "rights" of the prisoner.

Don't think that everything is sunshine and lollipops outside of LA. I lived in DC for seven years, and that city is everybit as awful as LA, if not worse. Now I'm in xxxxxxxx, and we are getting murders left and right here too. Thankfully, most are drug dealers who are killing off one another.
If you move out of there, be especially careful about going to the South. Conditions are crappy there too. I've heard that Albequrque is great.

Good Luck

Well... I've just looked through your L.A. website. And I have to say that it was very informative. You've got alot of facts. It was very insightful. But I was wondering ... isn't there any place in California that you know of, that's a safe place to live? I mean, there has to be some area in California that's an ok place to live isn't there? Maybe in the northeast? The whole entire state can't all be a hell hole can it? Thanks for all the info. on LA. I was glad to learn more about the area. Sherry

Mexicans swarming across the border like ants. They are major reasons for drugs, crime, gangs. Take out Bob Dorman, by mexican vote. The mexicans are well organized. Many familys share, (3 familys will share a car, apartment.) live together, unlike the usual 1 couple for white americans. Corona Beer sales sold, has overtaken coors numbers sold in Calif. Its a battle zone in LA, the streets and prisons, mexicans control the streets, drugs, crime. Authoritys will admit that black gangs are of less importance. Here are examples of their organization abilitys: Their gangs are organized. They have generals, captians, lieutenants, and solders. Various tatoos designate their ranking, including crimes, specialitys. Relative young mexicans (called youngsters) are easily recruited. They are standing around on the street with no job. They see the new autos their comparde's have, want it now. Gang membership offers it all. Their cause is california, it belongs to them. They are just a solder for the cause. One goes to prison, another takes their place, and another is released. Occasionally they ally with what serves their purpose. A youngster will share an apartment with a struggling (financial needy) chemistry student. Pressure is put on the student to make speed. Its relative easy to make. Will bring in easy money for the student. Nothing to it. The mexican will provide all the chemicals, materials, means of transportation, through his gang affiliation. A recent case in LA similar to this, busted 2 individuals. They had made about 5 million $ of meth. Several warehouses held the meth that was shipped all over America. Enough of that. I often wonder about the battle of the Alamo, battle of Bien Dien Foo. I wonder if anyone was smart enough to leave before things got bad. Should have been sooner? Would it have been to late to leave? Or was the circumstances inevitable? Could have been stupidy? Could have, would have, should have? Just like you and me. Waiting for what's coming. Nothing we can do about it. Thats what happened. xxxxx@tdl.com

I found your pages informative and chilling. I live in Hollywood and can relate. Sometimes I don't realize just how dangerous this place is. I've only been here for 1.5 years. I'm from the midwest so it's quite a culture shock. I do agree with many of your statements and even though your site is depressing... it is the truth. It kind of scared me to read those statisics. It really is a jungle. I would never want to live here for a long period of time and definaltely would not have kids here.
I'm a 21 yr old weird-o/artist girl and I just want see what life(or lack of) is like here in LA. Luckily, I haven't aquired a drug problem or have been raped. I thought this place would be a wonderland. I live one block up from Hollywood blvd. and it's a drug/homeless infested hole. I am considering moving out of this neighborhood. My boyfriend and I are going to school, but don't plan on staying too long. I do like some of the things LA has to offer, but that's because my hometown was small, safe and boring.
Well, sorry for rambling. Just want to let you know that I enjoyed your site. Good Luck with your move, if you do it. HB xxxxxxxx

Great page, and good luck on leaving that shithole!
I was toying with the idea of just visiting your state to watch the Pack in person next week, but I think I will just stay in Wisconsin and watch it on the tube.
I live in a rural area, 7 miles from the nearest town which has a population of 600. I commute 20 miles to my job as a sheriff's deputy. You couldn't give me that whole state!
Again, good luck, and there is still room here, bud! -xxxx-

I've worked around the Venice/Santa Monica Beach area for the last 12 years. Summertime brings a lot of tourists to the Venice Pavillion and boardwalk. Used to be that one could enjoy the remnants of a more carefree and innocent time-Venice was once the So Cal hub of the "Hippie Movement", "free love", "live and let live". Colorful characters-you get the picture. People are still drawn there hoping to see a piece of Americana. Skewed Americana, perhaps, but somehow still fun.
The reality is, IT'S NOTHING LIKE THAT. There are numerous stalls along the boardwalk where vendors sell stuff. They are owned and operated largely by foreigners. The parking concessions? Foreigners. There is nothing remotely connected with "fun" down there. We're a land of "foreigners"? Don't give me that weak shit. If you are reading this and planning visit the Venice area, take note: The small, dismal strip of 3rd World vendors appears safe enough, but to the locals you stick out like a sore thumb. The locals I'm refering to are the scum that lurk in the alleys just off the boardwalk. Gangsters? The Shoreline Crips are waiting for you. Homeless people scavage the dumpsters and eye YOUR RIPE TOURIST ASS, looking for any opportunity to jump you. You see, the beach area has a sinister underside, the harmless looking freaks and wierdos that abound also conceal a ruthless and real criminal element. There's cops there, but the area is laid out like a maze with alleys and tiny streets twisting off and providing ample cover for theives, drug dealers, perverts (is there any beach area without perverts?), con men, hustlers. You can see where I'm going with this. IF you must go, travel in groups, keep your eyes moving, and DON'T STRAY OFF THE BEATEN PATH. You will be accosted for money, robbed, or your vehicle broken into. Be aware that the bums and criminals down there are multi-ethnic and mostly young. I could go on, but my final advice would be to just STAY AWAY and visit another area. Remember- you've been warned.
Bruce, I wrote this quickly and from the heart because I've seen what happens to vacationers, and of course the media suppresses the real facts to get people to spend money here. John

Your web site is flat out the best I've ever seen. It's so nice to know someone out there actually has the balls to document this crate of swine entrails exactly as it appears to those who're forced to live here.
If of interest, you may wish to note (mainly for scanner radio owners) the LAPD's tactical frequency (154.830 MHz) on your site. On any given night of the week, you'll hear one call roll out after another on this channel. Friday and Saturday nights are the best: their transmitter LITERALLY never shuts down because so many calls are going out back to back. Mind you that this frequency isn't for small time events such as reports of loud music or residential disputes; it's all felonious or serious calls such as robberies/burglaries/rapes/murders/assaults/car jackings/assaults/brawls, etc. In many situations (again, usually on Friday or Saturday nights), there are so many calls going out that dispatchers actually cut each other off trying to get higher priority calls dispatched. Just imagine hearing a burglary call being cut short by a robbery call, which in turn is stomped on by another dispatcher calling off a small gang brawl, which again is cut short by an officer needs help call! I've heard it with my own ears, multiple times. I feel sorry for the poor bastard whose own emergency gets scrapped because some other low life somewhere else in the city is burglarizing a little old lady's house or holding up some shithole Korean liquor mart for $20 bucks... Just to give you an example, I have my scanner on this frequency right now. It's taken me about 5 minutes to write this message, and in that time I've heard 2 shots-fired calls, one robbery call, one call for a drunken derelict accosting someone in an alley, and right now an assault with a deadly weapon call on some asshole with a baseball bat. We're talking five minutes! And it's Thursday at that! Just imagine the days when our illegal alien/ghetto-dwelling creatures of the dark come out to celebrate misery! Take care, Rich

I love your site mate. It's because of stuff like what's on your page, that I'm reluctant to ever visit America. I just hear too many bad stories about being in the wrong place at the wrong time (as you so well put it)...I really just could not live like that. Sincerely, I hope that soon, you're able to afford a one-way ticket out of that place, for you and your family. Do be sure to update your webpage if you're able to do so, since I have bookmarked it and will be visiting frequently. If you ever get the chance to leave, come to Australia. You would love it here, and I'm not kidding :) Regards, S xxxxxxx

Hello, My name is Peter and I just wanted to tell you I think the Pages you've done on L.A and California are very good. I've never been to that part of the world ever so I can not say what it must be like to live there. I live in London. I can understand you wanting to leave there and to be honest I would to. It sounds like a fucking nightmare place to live ! Over here, we hear about L.A and CA all the time. Our tourists are always being attacked and a couple have been murdered in "car-jacks" ( a term that is foreign to us here except for news reports about over there) I would never visit California as long as I live, I felt that way long before I visited your web pages, but I feel even more certain now that I shall NEVER visit that part of the world. Well done on a good job--I think the rest of the world sees L.A and CA just the same as you do. Those councilors !! So you have to be a racist ,I guess, if you think that snorting cocaine and taking all kinds of drugs etc is bad??!!?? That's what they like to scream,is it?? Well if that's the case, I'm sure glad I'm a racist. This country is starting to get bad in certain places too now-and it is the influence of the gangs and the images portrayed of/by them in the media over here and Rap music that has started it all off. Well I could sit here and write all day but I gotta go now,you take care of yourself. Pete

This is the most starkly realistic and heartfelt site I've ever seen. "Joe Sixpack" you're not- no insult intented! Thank you for demonstrating the potential power of the web. This site should be a standard to which others aspire. It truly is outstanding.

Really sucks to come home after watching a movie with my wife. Found the front door broken in, took a bunch of stuff. Seems like its never going to end. Yes, I'm the one that already had 2 motorcyles stolden, and my wife watched a shoot out right in fron of an intersection, while in the car. The other drivers took off. Then the police called back after several weeks. Got one of the robbers, only 15 years old. Got an alarm system installed. Still trying to calm down my wife. Yes thats the way it is in Vallejo, California. rluce@xxxxxxxx

Great site! Man, I grew up in the valley too and went to Monroe High, what a piece of shit it's become. Since I left, they ( the city) have closed off ALL the pedestrian tunnels that go under the fwy. ( I lived right next to the 405 at Saticoy, there must have been a rape or 50)& All the curbs & gutters are covered with graffitti, and my whole neighborhood is just that, THE HOOD! My old house has three roach-coaches in the driveway, AND THE YARD LIGHT THAT I MADE IN SHOP AT FULTON JR.HI. IS STILL THERE! Bob

The following isn't actually email, but a response to a post in a newsgroup. Someone was asking for websites about L.A. ... so naturally I sent them my URL, to which they replied that my website wasn't a "realistic" view of L.A. (I guess they just wanted 'happy' and 'fun' things) So be it I guess... Can't see the forest for the trees I suppose... Anyway after going back and forth a couple of times on the subject, this post sprang up, and I thought it would be something of interest . Well, let's open it up to the readers. How many of the readers of this message have been robbed an gunpoint? How many of the readers of this group haven't been robbed at gunpoint. Or how many have had a 45 rammed up their nostril and discharged into their head. Or how many have been beaten, raped, mutilated and murdered. Or how many have had their car T-boned by a fugitive from justice here on vacation from a country that has more criminals on the police payroll than in the prisons. Or how many have met with a human predator in a darkened parking lot who would like nothing more to do for a 'living' than disembowel anybody that looks like they might have over $50 in their wallet. Unfortunately, many who might respond to your query are unavailable due to their current state of mortality. So what does it prove? Bruces page might only show one side of the LA coin, but it also might be a side that many don't want anyone to see and so it's underreported. This site therefore serves as a legitimate counterbalance in my view to the usual candy-coated, tourist-trap image put up for general consumption. Every year, many tourists, primarily in Florida and So California fall prey to criminals who's prey of preference is these tourists who are taken in by "Baywatch", "90210", Hollywood's saccharine movie offerings and the tourist posters in travel offices. They arrive on these shores fat for the slaughter and wind up being carjacked, bushwhacked and sideswiped never knowing what hit them. If they are lucky enough to survive, they return to their country of origin to report to all there that America is a land of predatory criminals where there is no law. If some of them would have first visited a site like Bruce's, some may have the a few precautions that might have spared them grief if not their lives.cdr

Hmmmm... is this how the rest of the world views US??
Oh well.... it's tough being #1 I guess...

Your big problem is that you still seem to not realise that America sucks. A lot of the things you say are correct, about 70%. However, you still seem to have some sort of misguided faith in the USA and " Americanism ". You seem to not have anything against Middle American culture. And what's this about thinking gun laws in Cal. are strict ? They're pretty lenient compared to lets say Britain or Italy. Also what's your problem with gays and with secessionism ?And its a good thing theres no NFL team here - that's a worthless pasttime which is the most inane sport in the world. And as far as bad things, you didn't mention the lousy nightlife or the sheer physical ugliness as well as spiritual ugliness of most of L.A. Face it, America sucks. This is why I'm bailing later this year, hopefully NEVER to return.( and if I do return it will be to the east coast not Hell AIDS ) Its a failed culture, and the failure is not confined to merely L.A.Middle America as a whole is fucked up. You seem to not realise this and think that the : heartland " is OK. Until you realise what a barbarous shithole the USAIDS is you will continue to miss a good portion of the reason why LA is fucked up although you have some down. ( Also I think you are in error saying Venice is more dangerous than downtown L.A. They're both quite dangerous and probably about the same - if anything though downtown is a little worse )I also get the impression you thought the " good old days " here were actually desirable of and in themself and not merely by being better than today. Oh well - not all of us are intelligent enough to supersede the evils of middle America or lucky enough to see the civilised world on the other side of the Atlantic. Michel S.

Out of the millions of sites on the web I can't believe I had the luck to fall into yours. Your words are so close to my own thoughts that there must be many more around with the same feelings, yet we still just sit quietly idle and watch the death of our city(usually on ch.7 @ 6pm) or just sell and move away. Anyways, it is great reading for this Sunday morning. Thomas.

Here's a quick safety tip for tourists: Parking is a premium in SoCal; BIG, BIG, parking lots filled with cars. One favorite scam, among many, goes like this- You come out of a Mall, grocery, bank, or whatever, and notice that you've got a flat tire. The natural inclination is to bend down between the cars and examine for a possible cause. WHAM, you are smashed on the head by the scumbag who stuck your sidewall with an ice-pick and waited patiently nearby, blending in with the other freaks and weirdos so commonplace now. If you come into this situation, especially women, GO BACK INTO THE STORE AND PHONE FOR HELP. Or at least notify the security you'd like a watchful eye on you while you change the tire. This applies anywhere you go in the SoCal area.

Thank you for replying to my post in alt.California and for directing me to your Site. I have read every page of it and I know what you mean, I understand your negativity. Though I do not know LA, my wife is from Daisy Avenue, Long Beach.
She is your age. She remembers when as a child she slept on Redondo Beach all night and she remembers the days when downtown Long Beach was a resort area. Recently we inquired about a condo in LB and when the agent found out we had kids (and were white), he would not even give us details. He said, Signal Hill is as near as you should get to LB if you want to live!!!!!
HOWEVER, I must say this. sadly, and ironically, I had a sister murdered in a quite English country village thirty years ago. So it never pays to generalize too much.
Also 75% of the worlds richest people live in Southern California. It is pretty, and the weather is good, and in some area like Ojai (which is not too expensive for the middle classes) the school system is said to be amongst the best anywhere.
ALSO, let me ask a local expert, like yourself, about the future. Sure things have been getting worse from all accounts, but is there not an inner city come-back. Does not all that cheap mexican labor make life easy for the middle classes that you portray as persecuted? And looking at the economics, if it is really that bad why do houses cost $275,000? My wife moved from LA to East Texas ranch country, and there that money buys 200 acres and a farm house: So why is there not MORE white flight?
Are there more LA / Southern California news groups? I note you have put great effort into your analysis of LA, and you Site contains a lot of good thinking, but 95% of the comments on alt.Califrnia are abusive and shallow. I would sure like to talk with a bunch of people with more brains showing. Please respond, I find you analysis enthralling, if a little depressing!
Michael xxxxxxxx

I just happened on your site today and although I do not live in CA, I am definitely going to add it to my favorite sites. I don't know who you are but I sure wish I could clone you for every city in the USA. Someone needs to be monitoring what the hell is going on and listing it for all to see. (Move over Rush) The apathy of the citizens of this country is just appalling to me. Granted, I am another meek citizen, but I sure do not try to whitewash the facts. ( The election of a morally defunct Bill Clinton being a good example) STAND UP AND LET EVERYONE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. SOME OF US MAY JUST CARE ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR YOU!

You are a paranoid, small-minded white man who is obviously terrified of anyone who doesn't look "safe" -- meaning blacks, Latinos, asians or any other shade of skin that doesn't match your own pasty white self. Isn't it funny that the neighborhoods you advised tourists to avoid are predominantly black or Latino? These are people living there, not colors. The problems facing Los Angeles are indeed huge, but not insurmountable. The first step is creating jobs in the inner city -- jobs, in turn, create dignity. The second step is convincing stupid fucks like yourself to move to Utah and quit being part of the problem. Instead of narrowing your vision and then broadcasting it over the Internet, remember that most of those who come to your site are laughing at how small and petty you are. Instead of spending your time hating your life, take some time to make a difference. Don't give up on a better future for all of us. Your "site" just makes it harder for white folks such as myself who strive to have an open mind and an open heart. It takes effort and intelligence to overcome fear and blind hatred. Better yet... If you think Los Angeles sucks, spend a couple of months in Lima, Peru or Mexico City. You'll come home with a greater appreciation of just how cool Los Angeles really is. It's all relative. And one more thing: judging by your own small bio, you've never lived in Los Angeles anyway. So what the hell do you know about it? Your knowledge of Venice, Compton and Westlake probably comes from driving through it on the way home to your safe white enclave. Next time, pull over and talk to someone who actually lives there -- if you've got the guts... Know what? There's a lot of really nice people there, trying to get through life as best they can.

Bruce: What a site! I stumbled across it somehow. I have no interest in LA, nor do I plan on going there, but seeing the contents, I had to read it.. Regards, Bill

I can certainly relate to your feelings. Kudos to your page, you obviously put a lot of thought and research into it. I'd love to see a page of solutions, perhaps some seemingly erratic, yet guaranteed fixes to the assholes who make us prisoners in our own homes. Run for office, I'll be your vice president! James

I think you need to run for Mayor, what you have to say about LA is right on the dot! If you ever decide to run for Mayor let me know, because I want to join your campaign. I am trying to get the hell out of this state because everything that goes on here is total bullshit. Something needs to be done about all the bullshit politics going on in California. Your page is right on the dot and you need to think about running for Mayor, you could be the next Chichi?? or whatever that dumbasses name is. Your Page rocks! Joey


You tell it like it is, brother. I was born in Pasadena.
I remember as a kid SoCal when it was just The Coolest place to live.
Now, of course, it is a shithole that most decent folks are escaping from. Personally, I chose the Pacific Northwest.
Though the Great Infection is seeping in. 15 years ago, Seattle had almost literally NO gang problem.
Now, there are ugly incidents daily, mostly by black and asian gang members.
Pisses me off. Tolerance is one thing; Suicide of our Society is another!
Anywho, really great page.
Take Care,

I lived in Woodland Hills California, but finally the erosion of the way of life that I had known for 18 years tore my emotions apart. Over that period of years the streets turned into garbage pits, the traffic sprawl a nightmare and the encroachment of immigrants who do not want to become Americanized and be absorbed into our culture finally drove my family and I out. My professionis law and I never thought that in my upper class neighborhood, would turninto to a Hispanic gang battleground. I have never been a racist or a bigot,but I have seen the deterioration of a once beautiful city turn into a toilet. Alas, I see in the very near future a bloodbath, when African American's will violently lash out at the Hispanics, as their foundation they have built in our society is disrupted. The huge influx of cheap labor from Mexico is the culprit, that has stolen their living wage. It is my belief that when the appeals court overturns the liberal judges ruling on proposition 187, that will be the match to the fuse that starts the race war. L XXXXX man

You sure came up with a bunch of baddies about California and LA. I agree with you on most. I too was born in Burbank, a little before you.. and have seen the down fall of the area. I'm gonna retire soon and then leave So. Calif. I don't know where, but just get the heck out of here. LA does have a lot to offer, but the bad part overwhelms the good. Or does it? Aren't the rest of the States just as full of crime, grafitti, traffic, etc..?? If you know of a better place, let me know.. I'm looking for it! Regards..

Hi.... I was just looking around and sort of stumbled upon your web site. I was born and raised in California, and finally left about a year ago to xxxxxxxxx.
I have to admit, I got extremely upset going through the different pages and reading your opinions on the state/county/city. But I decided to go on, partly out of trying to keep an open mind and partly out of curiosity. I'm now glad I did, because I realized that most of what you said was true, and that I also shared a lot of the same opinion as you.
I lived in L.A. for a while, but I was homeless. I finally got off my ass and got a job, and realized just about anyone could do the same, but choose to be lazy and mooch off of strangers instead (as I used to). I now think your site is very well constructed and well thought. I hope you don't mind, but I printed up your list of survival tactics of L.A. for a friend of mine who has never been there. He decided to move there, and (as much as I've warned him) he's insisted on believing all the glamour used to promote this city.
I didn't realize how thankful I was to be out of L.A. until I read your pages. Thank you so much. I don't care what others say, I think your site is extremely helpful and has pretty good accuracy. Anyway, I guess I'll leave you alone now. I just had to tell you what a good job you did on it.
Sincerely, --- Aleusha Cxxxxxx

Its so discouraging though to see all the shit we live in. It truly hurts my heart to hear about the disregard for human life that we live with on a daily basis. It makes me angry. I just want to let you know that I can truly appreciate all the time and effort and honestly you put into this page. Thanks! xxxxxxx@hotmail.com/

I live in Pasadena. I dated an illeagl for a short time. She secretly went off the pill she then hid from me until she was in the delivery room in Arcadia Methodist hospital. Now she says she can stay here,bring her whole family... and me and the government are her meal ticket. Im being sued for child support for one thousand dollars per month plus her attorneys costs. Shes got a rope around my neck. Can I kick her out? She admitted to me this was her plan all along !! Is prop 187 in or not? Any info would be a great help. Mark

hey man great site,,never been to LA or CALIFORNIA, nor do I want to. esp. after check'n out your sight,,,I always beleived in saying what you feel,,,even if it pisses people off,,fuck'em!!!,,,hang tough,keep low, and use plenty of drain-o!!! JOE

well..i love this webpage...way to go man. im 19 , female, and hate this damn city. all of californis is just a dumping ground for scum bags, movies stars included. but you know i've been thinking..is there any place to go in this country to have a normal life anymore? Can we raise kids (when i have them) in a place where they LEARN somthing in scholl instead of getting shot, or selling drugs? TELL me where that place of JUNE and WARD CLEAVER..live and im on my way . ANd you know what im sorry...if they wouldn't let so many god damn mexicans in this city and send them back home, the crime would go down. They come o ver here because their poor? UMMMMMMMMMMMMM thier poor here to!!! good job..keep this page up..im loven it! kelly (....*sigh*....) Another recent High School grad....

Just like to say nice webpage. Before you stop reading this message Id just like to suggest that if you ever decide to move that maeby you should consider comming to Canada (we let in anyone). Our crime/polution isnt even close to yours and you cant get sued (or shot) for looking at someone funny. Concerned neighbour, P.S Never heard of a any spreees down here...

How's it going. I hear ya all the way on the L.A. thing. I am originally from Tampa, Florida, and now live in the greater Atlanta area. I recently visited Los Angeles and I could not believe how fucked-up the place was. The funny thing is that the so-called "nice" areas of L.A. would be considered the bad parts of either Atlanta, Tampa, or most other cities in the south. I feel sorry for you for having to live there. Maybe you can get out of L.A. before you die in an earthquake or are murdered. Well, I guess I'll let you go now. Remember to wear your bullet-proof before going out anywhere--I wish I had one for when I was there. Dan

Right On Man! I love it when I run into someone who has the guts to tell THE TRUTH! Keep The Faith! Another "Evil White Man"

maybe you should try and go out and get your own picS.becuse these are all stolen form other websites .whats the matter you to pour to bye a camera you white trash shit head!!!!!!!!!!

Very impressive work.I too live in calif.I thank god I am fortunate enough to be able to make a good living in a small town.I can raise my kids with little worry here. I could not imagine living in any large city here in California. Crime and punishment in this state are obviously something of a JOKE!.........Your web pages have hit a nerve, as they are on target with the bullshit that is happening in the state of California.....the state with no morales!!

I live in San Diego and let me tell you, the differences between here and LA are tremendous... for some reason most of the mexicans that ileagally enter go striaght to LA! I hate LA as much as you do... I wouldn't say that I agree with everything you say on your website.. It's sounds like you write this stuff after spending 2 hours in smog and traffic on the freeway! I would probably write the same shit if I had to be there everyday. Much like the Black American Culture, I don't think the tattood, lowrider driving people you describe in you "USA or MExico" section represent Mexican culture. Sure there are some things that have survived the migration but I believe that a lot of what you see is a recreated culture. It was born in Los Angeles under the conditions of living. Amazing Story: My girlfriend and I were at a park near Dodger Stadium when these teenaged gang related kids asked us for some matches for their BBQ. They couldn't speak english! I was so surprised! I though my god how are they ever going to succeed in life if they can't even speak.. then i realized they would hang in the East LA hood for the rest of there life..... They couldn't even get a job in Tiajuana because I'm sure there spanish was slang! Non educated is the key here... So atleast there has been an attemp to get rid of spanish class room activity... well enough of this crap.. It's negetive and can only enhibit my happyness... probably yours too.. I hope you are moving to some place far away soon.. Because focusing on all this bad shit can drive you crazy! You might loose it one day and start blasting people away in McDonlds. One more note, My Girlfriend is Mexican, she was born in LA. She is American and so is the rest of her family. As a matter of fact they can't speak a lick of Spanish. There Family has been in the US since the late 1800's and came to California from Colorado. She gets just as upset about Spanish billboards, speaking spanish in AMerica and all that... She learned a little bit of Spanish at USC, so she can understand it a bit, well anyway at her job people would come up and ask her in Spanish were things were. She refused to answer them and asked in English "what do you need?" I guess it was her protest.... Later, Steve

Your page is great but LA is not the only place overrun with shitheads and it just can't be blamed on anyone ethnic group. Phoenix is geographically larger than LA now, 467 to 465 square miles, respectively. Phoenix is just full of shitheads and yeah alot of them are hispanic but more of them are white. I carry a weapon everyplace I go because bad things happen here everyday. I watched Phoenix grown into this disaster and watched LA occassionally too. I know that lots of the big cities back east are fouled up too because only a small percentage of us are native Arizonans everyone here is from somplace else, generally the east. The human problems you described are just that human problems, just about every ethnic group at one time or another felt the pain of being on the "outside" here in America. I don't know what the answer is or now even what point I was trying to make but let me say this; you are obviously a bright guy as evidenced by your website so use that intellect to figure a way to get the hell out there. Paul XXXXXX

I just have to say I love your site... I stumbled upon it accidentally and have killed myself laughing at your honest, down to earth view of the city you live in. I myself live in Canada and I could NOT even so much as visit LA, let alone live there. I once spoke to a gentleman who lived in LA and this is how the conversation went: Me - Oh my god.. we had 21 murders! Him - What, this week? Me - No, this year! That's 5 more than last year! He couldn't believe it. My man, when you decide to move, you're more than welcome up here. You'll freeze your ass off in the wintertime, dammit, but at least you'll be able to walk down the street at night without TOO much of a worry.. or leave the car door unlocked... or stop at a red light in the middle of downtown... Dana - xxxxxxx, Alberta

B.. Just ran into your website through AOL... I just wanted to tell you that I think it is the most honest site that Ive ever run across. I bailed outta CA two years ago, moved to Oregon, and I will never ever go back to CA. Want my footprint there?? Take my shoes. Keep it up.. Godzilla

Hi, I have been to LA lots of times, and have been thinking about moving there until I saw your web site. Thanks for the advice, although I still i still like visiting.... If you really, really wanna get away from it all, you could get further away than my country. 3.5 million people, 60 million sheep, shitloads of empty beaches, 5 murders per year! Cheers Kim xxxxxxx Auckland, New Zealand


I used to write the tickets for no child car seat, until I found out all the vermins had to do was tell the judge (yudge) they couldn't afford one (I dont suppose having 7 kids and earning $10,000 a year has anything to do with that huh?) and you & I would buy them one. Yup, they get County voucher, 1 free child car seat thanks to us White assholes that stole their land. Nice ones too!!

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One thing....i think you have a kick ass web page..i havent met too many people who view the world like you...and i must say that it is interesting....there are a few points i agree with....but everyone shoots down my ideas because they are always right..anyway.....Secondly....let the stupid bitches keep writing you as to why california is so "great"..some people see with their eyes closed...i just wante dto thank you for having a sweet page like this... Later, Megan


Damn! How'd you like to have this guy/gal as a next door neighbor?

Los Angeles sucks because it is in America.Of course dont worry, thanks to assholes like you America will not be a force to reckon with for long Fernando xxxxxxxxxxxxx Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal

I also want to say that I like your page and you are dead on with your views. I was a Los Angeles police officer in Hollywood for three whole fucking months and had to quit because I lost three partners in that time and couldn't stand the death and senseless violence I encountered on a daily basis from the stupid motherfuckers who I was supposed to be serving and protecting. Anyways, good page, keep up the good work.

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Anyway, I just wanna let you know that your site is brutally honest. You pull no punches, and I sure as hell like that. I am thinking about running a site devoted to the "better parts," of New Orleans, myself. I figure a little "advertising," wouldn't hurt the New Orleans Tourist Board's attempt to coat this piece-of-shit city with whipped-cream, do you? I certainly won't be LYING to people who are considering moving into this cesspool--maybe I can save their lives and their sanity. Good work on the website! Keep it up, roll out the hatred that the city of Lost Angles (Los Angeles) has heaped upon you for so many years. Don't pull any punches--drive the punches and the truth associated with them up their ASS! Sincerely XXXXXX, Jr.

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What an amazing coincidence that all the 'hate' messages sent to your site are illiterate, barely intelligible, filled with ethnic or gang idioms and generally at the level of a developmentally disabled four year old? Or am I being subjective.... Regarding your views on latino gangs, I for one agree with you completely. Every time I hear, "These poor kids have no other alternative" I want to puke, right into the face of the pea-brain who spouts such drivel. My only consolation is that for most of these bald, baggy-pants-wearing shit-for-brains losers, life will spiral down into an ever-accelerating hell of drug addiction, pain, misery and eventually violent death. You usually get what you go looking for.


Your web site is really awesome, it must have been a TON of work. You seem to be a really, really ingenius man. And, I am sorry about the hell hole you have to live in....I guess telling you to make the best of is not an option. But, I feel that you should use all the knowledge you have, such as what you display in your serial killer site, for instance, and write a book. You could probably do real well. I'd definetely be a buyer! Good luck and take care...your web site rules!

Its true that LA sucks, although you still have a little too much west coast " Angry White Male "bias in you. NYC certainly has its problems, but it beats LA any day of the week. Always has too even when things were real bad. Its true, its a hard place to live but the payoff is living in the greatest city in America with the best of everything. LA is a hard place to live with no payoff other than crap. Things have only became a million times worse since " The Day of the Locust " and they were pretty bad back then. You should read that book by Nathanael West, it was written a long time ago but what it says about LA is still true ) The east coast seems to be better able to handle diversity - southern Cal. seems to not be able to handle it at all. With the Asian economies dragging the west coast down, all you west coasters should realize you are living in the new Detroit or St.Louis. As the old Sex Pistols song went, no future for you...you in LA. But then what do you expect of a place that bans smoking in bars ?

I just wanted to tell you that I share your attitude. My husband is an officer and deals with scum on a regular basis. Thank you for making your cite so realistic and full of 100%, unadulterated opinion, that I myself, happen to agree with totally. It is important in this day and age where police officers are held at a lower social level than the scum that they protect us from are recognized. Especially since everyone is so quick to yell harassment, or brutality. Thank you for putting it all out on the table and being realistic. My dad once met a cop that told him that he was a "garbage man". Upon further explanation he told my dad that he cleaned the trash out of society. Thank you for making the public aware of what people like my husband risk their lives for daily to protect them from. Your brutal honesty is something that is severely lacking in today's society. THANK YOU for being on "the good guys' side" Bridget

Hi! I am an 18 year old college student and I just visited your web site. I thought it was scary but at the same time very impressive. I live in the Maryland, D.C area and that kind of stuff is rarely seen or heard here. It brought me to reality and help me understand that even if you don't hear about it doesn't mean that it does not happen. Although some of the pictures were hard to take in I found your web site something very informative. I think that it brings people to reality and makes them understand that gangs are a problem and we need to do more to keep kids off the street. Sincerely, Someone who cares

Buddy, Your webpage kicks ass. I'm from Rhode Island, but living in San Diego now,and California is NOTHING like what I thought and heard it was. It sucks. Ihad no idea, but after living here for almost a year, I've had enough. I went up to Los Angeles with a friend, just to check it out, and I couldn'tbelieve how terrible it was. Just a psychotic, polluted, overcrowded, dangerous, expensive, unfriendly hellhole. I could never live there. I'm down in San Diego, and though it isn't AS bad as L.A., it still has all too much in common with that place. I don't want to get started, but sufficeto say that many/most of the people have the same attitide as the arrogantelitist LA aristocracy. This place is so competitive, cutthroat, materialistic, plastic and phony, that it boggles my mind. I'd like to make a webpage exposing "America's Finest City" (S.D.) as the overpriced, overcrowded, hostile, unfriendly, gridlocked, congested dump that it really is. When the page is done, and if you like it, perhaps we could link to each others sites. I'd like to warn other people who are deluded enough to believe the hype about San Diego and SoCal. Anyway, your page is phenomenal, one of the best and most entertaining I've ever read. Right on the mark too! I can't even count how many laughs and nods of agreement your page elicited out of me, because they were endless. Thanks for lifting up the mask covering the face of LA (and California for that matter) and showing the world what's really underneath. take care, xxxxxx

Why dont you leave L.A. then! You idiot, I think you should call your website how to be a racist and live in L.A.. Oh I failed to mention while I was calling you an idiot that, I support the Mexican movement in L.A. So you better get use to it and maybe you should go stay with a Mexican Family so you can learn Spanish. Im sure they would love to hear about your website you are a Moron!

Dear whatever your name is?, I spent at least 3 hours reading your web site, It is fucking great. I have bookmarked it and sent the link to many, especially the on about the cops hating everyone. I have 3 friends who are cops here in Omaha, Nebraska and they got the link as well. Every word written is absolutely the truth. I did also send somenasty emails to the dickheads listed (council members,senators etc.) Omaha fortunately is nowhere near the troubles you have. The thing here is as the ghetto moves closer west, the affluent section moves further west to get the fuck away from the low life cocksuckers. Here they also turn sections of town that were once nice into shitholes. I own a small service business so I am blessed with also having to see the fuckups that you have to deal with also. Once again, a tremedous site.And also if you are headed for a move check out Omaha, it is a pretty nice place to raise a family. It is very easy to isolate the bad element here. They keep to themselves here, and crime for the most part is pretty low. Thanks Joe Mxxxxxxx

Man, What a great site. At least I know somone feels the same as I do. I just got into it w/ the meskin across the street over his Omp pa pa bullshit at 2:00am Sun. morn. Did he care ? Hell NO, "Das goood music Man!" Was all he could say, Of course I insulted his race because It wasn't what I wanted to hear. Actually all I could hear was enough of the Omp pa pa to keep me awake and the fact that every song sounds like the last song is enough to wear on your mind. I really don't hate anyone , I just don't understand why they want to turn this country into Mexico. If they do wont they have to swim the Red River into Oklahoma or sneak into Utah to get on welfare ? Keep up the good work ! Jimm XXXXXX,Texas

Going through your web page and let me say "I think you have done an outstanding job." I grew up in Gary, In. so yes I am a transplant. I came here after I got out of the U.S.Army, because this is where my family moved too to get away from the "high crime rate." We didn't really have drive by's, we had walk up, kick in your door and shoot everyone in the house, but whatever. I could ride on your band wagon, but I really have decided that no matter where I go trouble will be there. My wife, the second one, keeps telling me that I am going to get myself killed, and she is probably right. When I broke up with my first wife I was back in Gary and force to carry a 44. for the simple fact that I am white and that seemed to always cause a problem. My ex is black. so she gets along fine there and that's not why we broke up. But back to the point I left there I left my gun. And now I live in Canoga Park, when I first move in ten years ago it was nice, after the riots and earthquake it went down hill. To the point I now want to move to fuckin South Dakota. I work downtown and every day my stomach turns as I walk from my car to work and have to tell the same worthless fucks No I am not giving you any money, no I don't have a "smoke" and I haven't had "spare change since my divorce" But right now I am stuck here so I will try to make the best of it, I will accent the positive, I will keep my three dogs, two in the back yard and one in the front, and I will continue to try and help those who need and appear to deserve it, I will still think that of all the places I have lived this is still the best. I know that it is a small dream but I dream of a day that we will all be able to get along, but I know that as long as 'punk gang bangers' rule the streets and piece of crap lawyers get them off on a technicality that I just have to watch my back and if necessary take a life to defend my wife and latest child. Thank you for your time and your page. I will share it with as many as I can. David Wxxxxx

Guess what, who's the idiot here??!!! You know who benefits from California? The Asian immigrants who want to rebuild themselves!!! But an ignorant piece of trash like you wouldn't realize the immigrants around you who are trying to rebuild their lives!!! Los Angeles with a high crime rate! Yes. You know why? Because of all the crap that the freaking United States puts us through. The freaking stuck-up white man thinks that he's all that and acts like everybody else is inferior, even when you can look at statistics, and see that Asians are doing better than whites in most statistics (better average SAT scores, lower crime rate in just about all cases other than gangs and gambling). But no, white people are often too self-centered to admit it! And you know what, it's understandable that too many freaking blacks have had a rough history, but they have gone too far. Why, most immigrants, or anybody that I know, considers them to be among the most obnoxious people on earth. When they look around them, this seems apparent, but statistics often back up their opinions. Just look at south central Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas of Compton, Inglewood, and Hawthorne. Why, if we get rid of those places, California and Los Angeles would be better places, and crime would drop considerably. But no, the United States is freaking forcing us to allow them to go on welfare. And anytime we point out that a black person is doing something wrong, the NAACP will interfere and point out that we are racist, and try to sue us!!! And worst of all, despite statistics that point out the high crime rate among blacks, there's a low percentage of them. They are 13% in the U.S. (vs. 73% white), and in California, they are less than 7% already (vs. half white, 30% Hispanic, and 12% Asian). Gee, best country in the world my ass!!!!! And to add to the problem, guess what, we have to put up with the freaking illegal Latins. We are forced to let them in, regardless of how good or bad they are. Granted that many of them are successful entrepeneurs, that's good. But there are too many more in gangs and crime. Just look around you. In many forms of entertainment, such as music, there's separate music categories for black music and Latin music. Gee whatever happened to the Asians, who are building California and America better than the blacks and Latins, and in some cases, even better than the whites? Well, then again, we don't like special treatment. We don't need it!!!! I hope that I enlightened your mind, making you realize that there are immigrants in Los Angeles and California who are more successful than your brainless butt, perhaps making more money than you are. And about what's making Los Angeles and California bad. Perhaps if we secede from the United States, we will be more than willing to straighten out these welfare taking black bums, and the illegal Latins who take out all of our resources. Think about it. Recently, we came up with a law that people who come from out of state to California will only receive a welfare check equivalent to what they would receive in their home state, rather than equivalent to what California normally gives. But no, the United States declared it unconstitutional. Just because those idiots in Washington D.C. are making money, and don't have a Mexico or Puerto Rico on their butts, they think that they can make us a haven for bugs. Oh, by the way, speaking of Washington D.C., they have a much higher crime rate than we do. And guess what, they are two-thirds black. They have a high homicide rate. Gee, I wonder what their problem is. Don't get me wrong, I have friends who are white, black, and Latin, but I just don't appreciate how they are always shutting out the Asians (being the son of Filipino immigrants). An idiot like you would not realize the dreams that Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and Koreatown have fulfilled. And the idiots in Washington obviously don't realize the problems that the south central Los Angeles region, East Los Angeles, and white supremacy have caused. Open your eyes, people. The problems of Los Angeles and California are obvious, and can be easily fixed. And California is not the all-Yankee, all white/black/Hispanic place. Nor is America for that matter. Why, how I envy Canada (who is 9% Asian, and less than 2% black, but at least their blacks are more clean-cut, like Caribbean, European, and African blacks, who are much nicer). Maybe Canada is a better role model than the freaking United States. I support the California secessionist movement. Perhaps we will all open our eyes. Mr. XXXXXXXX

Im sure you get thousands of emails a day! My someday to be husband is an immigrant from Nicaragua. He was forced to fight in war in Nicaragua when he was 14 years old. He fought for a year and endured things he just shouldn't have. His family did whatever they had to do to get him across the border and into the United States to avoid persecution for being AWOL during war. He entered as a political refugee. He lived with friends of the family who got him into high school and during those three months he studied vigorously hard to learn English and was doing very well when these 'friends' told him he had to quit school and get a job. They couldn't afford to take care of him. He refused to quit school, so he got a part time job in the evenings after school and on weekends and eventually managed to get a tiny apartment by the time he was 15. He graduated at the top of his class when he was 17. He worked for Ralph's Grocery Store for about 5 years. He worked long hard days and saved up enough money to buy a computer. During those five years he taught himself programming. To sum it up, he knows virtually every programming language there is except for machine language. He got a job as a PC Repair tech and worked his way up the ladder from there. He now works for the Los Angeles County Employee Retirement Association as their Data Systems Engineer....a fancy name for a programmer but he's their main guy. He still is not a citizen. He's waiting for his paperwork to crawl through and finally call his number up and give him the papers. He could marry me and be an instant citizen but he refuses. What has given him his success is what you outlined: when he came to America he made it his goal to "fit in." He didn't get off the plane at LAX with a mariachi band behind him and he has never asked for a single helping hand. After his three months of help were over he's been on his own ever since. So I totally agree with you on that one. Xxxxxx (my someday husband) cant stand the people you are talking about whom he calls "cholo's" They disgust him and shares nothing in common with their way of life. He hates the signs too, he says "what's up with all the signs in Spanish..looks like shit!" He says there is a place for everything, culture is good as long as you don't spray paint it everywhere. We live in Sunland now and we both make jokes that we have to get out of here and move to Whitey Town...wherever the hell that is! :-) We are the minority it seems. We used to live in Glendale along time ago and I was getting really depressed because in the 10 block radius where we lived I was the only white person there. Nobody every spoke to me, I got dirty looks and glares every time I came out of my house, and slowly I watched the neighborhood get filled up with graffiti and filth. I am by no means a racist and have never treated anyone badly, certainly not the way I have been treated by blacks and hispanics! California or America is not a melting pot anymore. It's "get the fuck out of here whitey, we're taking over." As sad as it makes me to see I know it won't last. Those cholo's and gangbangers aren't going to college and the ones that do are like my husband. They aren't graduating from college so they will never make a difference and their ways will only end up in the trash - eventually. And by the time they are done taking over - there will be nothing left, and they will be forced to sit and rot in the filth that they created. (If only this were true) And I agree that LA is turning into Mexico practically overnight. I have witnessed entire neighborhoods deteriorate to nothing in the course of a year, with trash, graffiti, beer cans, cockroaches and gangbangers with their white tube socks pulled up to the knees. I have a two year old who I am going to have to send to school here pretty soon and I already know it has to be private. Oh boy....I can feel myself going on and on and on...... Basically I wanted to say HATS OFF TO YOU!!!!! For having the courage to produce such a website. It's not racist at all. It's real. My mother can recall a time when a lady didn't go to downtown LA without gloves on her hand and polished shoes on her feet and she took the trolley down the street to work. I can't recall that because all I see now are what you have pictured. The neighbors from hell you endured....I've had em! Still do. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I too am terribly angry. I apologize for my poor grammar and spelling. My fingers just went nuts! Thank you.

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