OK.... I realize that I'm probably really going to stir up the pot here, and probably get a lot of people pissed off, but judging by what I've seen over the years, what is currently going on, and the sentiments of the email I've received, I guess that when the truth bites you in the ass.... It hurts. Oh, well ... so be it.... I've never backed off from telling it like it is yet, and I'm not about to start now.

Let me state right off the bat that I do NOT "hate" Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, etc. One of my very best friends... that I work with, carpool with, socialize with, and taught me damn-near everything I know about HTML, building websites and computers in general, is Mexican-American. Although he prefers to be called an American. What really burns my ass is..... Well, keep reading ...

When I was small and in grade school we were taught that the U.S.A. was the "Great Melting Pot". From when we first started to learn anything about American history, up until graduating high-school (I won't include college classes, because most of those bleeding-heart Profs. were bent on destroying anything positive about American history, rather they would teach that THE WHITE MAN was guilty of every damn EVIL thing that ever happened.) it was impressed upon us ... this idea of the U.S.A. being the quintessential pot-luck dinner. This was a good thing! From the earliest days of immigrants coming over and passing through Ellis Island (and other ports of entry of course) they knew that the U.S.A. was the golden land of opportunity, and that if one were to apply themselves, work hard, play by the rules, and with a pinch of lady luck, become anything they wanted to be. And if not for themselves... then for their children.
Of course, different people set about building communities with 'like kind' as is to be expected. This is only human nature... as well as making this huge change in their lives as easy as possible. Thus the creations of Chinatowns, Germantowns, Little Italies, Little Tokyo's, etc. etc. Of course there were the usual problems that went along with different cultures and races living side by side. What could be described as the "THEY'RE DIFFERENT" syndrome.


All these different races and cultures had
ONE COMMON GOAL. And that was to become an AMERICAN. They knew that in order for this brave new world to survive and prosper, that they would all have to become "as one". Ever wonder what the Latin on every U.S. coin and bill " E Pluribus Unum" means? It means "All as one". These early Americans knew what this meant, and also knew that in order for them, and especially their children, to prosper in this wonderful new land, that they would all... that they MUST... become as one people... become AMERICANS. There was simply no other way to do it and have the whole thing work... and considering that the U.S.A. has become the greatest nation on earth ... holds testament to that belief. Look around and you'll still see that for many this is still true, even today. You'll also note that the 'de-Americanization' of America that has been happening for the last 30 years or so has lead to the situation that we have before us now.


Now... as far as I'm concerned, anyone who wants to come to this country legally, to become an AMERICAN, to further enrich their and our lives, to be a useful law abiding citizen, and to become "All as One" ... I would welcome them with open arms, as I'm sure the rest of us would.
But something disturbing has been happening in Los Angeles, Southern California, ALL of California, and many other states as well. There is a certain faction of people who are here, legally or not, that seem to not only NOT want to 'blend in' and become a part of what makes the 'wheels go `round', but for some reason seem to think that they OWN the whole fucking place, and want us "gringo's" the hell out. There is a certain kind of 'mindset' that is telling them that THE EVIL WHITE MAN has stolen THEIR land from them, they were here first, and come hell or high water they're going to get it back, at seemingly any cost. (Of course if you want to take that stupid line of thinking to a more evenhanded and logical extent, one might say that the land should be given back to tiny prehistoric bacteria fossils that predates all known life).
There is a concerted effort to not only exterminate
THE WHITE MAN from the southwest United States, but to also erase any presence of their being, AND to (once again) make THE WHITE MAN look as though he has been the cause of ALL THAT IS EVIL, and with the help of our very own government, federal and state, and to a certain extent 'big businesses' ... this very thing is unfolding right before our eyes. If you happen to live in these parts you already know what I'm talking about.

We are spit upon. We are hated, and despised. We are mocked and cursed at behind our backs. We are murdered and maimed. We are robbed and plundered. We dish out millions in taxes to be turned over to those who are not even grateful, but demand that what is given is not enough, and not only don't just want more... but want IT ALL... They would not only prefer to, if not see us dead, at the very least, get the hell out of the way. They want to turn what was a great city, state, and country into the 3rd world garbage dumps from which they came. They care NOTHING about assimilating into what is ... they expect... no, they DEMAND that the rest of us stoop down to, embrace and love, their 3rd world culture. What were once very familiar surroundings, are turning into the gutter streets that you would expect to find in Tijuana. To look around Los Angeles (and other cities) ... in many parts you can't even tell the difference.

So..... You think I'm full of shit? Well consider this, my friend .....
There is an elementary school principal named Norman Bernstein. The school he is a principal at is Burton St. School in Van Nuys, which is 89% Latino. Well one fine morning recently, this 65 year-old principal pulls into the parking lot of his school, and is attacked by two Latino men. These men are screaming at him "We don't want you here anymore principal!! Do you understand that WHITE principal??!!!" They then proceeded to beat this man unconscious and left him lying there in a crumpled heap. Now why did this happen you might be asking yourself. According to school administrators, parents whom they'd never seen until now, who pretty much didn't give a rat's ass about the school started coming out of the woodwork. Their complaints included teachers being tardy to class (How would they know?) ... Inadequate parent representation at meetings (Well no shit! I guess you have to GO to the meetings first, dontcha' think??) .... The fact that Prop 227 was passed (Ahhhh, now were getting down to it) and they're pissed off about the end of bilingual education .... And 'poor examples' being set by teachers (What ever that means ... but then again, how do you know if you never show up to your kids school) ....
They also complained that Bernstein wasn't supporting the bilingual program (No kidding you morons! It was voted out!) and that the principal was not supporting the celebration of Cinco de Mayo (This I applaud! This is the United States of America!! NOT MEXICO!!) And some of the parents claimed that the beating never took place at all! That it was staged just to make the Latinos look bad! (Ohhhhh puh-leeeeez....)
After a show of support by the teachers at that school, it was learned that the school board in its infinite wisdom was considering demoting Mr. Bernstein because he was not bilingual. Not because he didn't/couldn't do his job .... Not because of something he did ... Not because he is incompetent.... Because he doesn't speak Spanish.
Now.... Still I'm full of shit??


Downtown L.A.?? Or downtown Tijuana?? Who the hell can tell anymore?? As in Tijuana, these stores are equipped with the flashing strobe lights, the "fiesta" music blaring out the front doors, and the "barkers" out front, trying to get you to come inside

David M. Kennedy, the Donald J. McLachlan Professor of American History at Stanford University, SAYS IN THE NOVEMBER 1996 ISSUE OF THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY MAGAZINE....

" This Hispanicization of the American Southwest is sometimes called the Reconquista, a poetic reminder that the territory in question was, after all, incorporated into the United States in the first place by force of arms, in the Mexican War of the 1840s. There is a certain charm in this turn of the wheel of history, with its reminder that in the long term the drama of armed conquest may be less consequential than the prosaic effects of human migration and birth rates and wage differentials. But the sobering fact is that the United States has had no experience comparable to what is now taking shape in the Southwest.
"Mexican-Americans will have open to them possibilities closed to previous immigrant groups. They will have sufficient coherence and critical mass in a defined region so that, if they choose, they can preserve their distinctive culture indefinitely. They could also eventually undertake to do what no previous immigrant group could have dreamed of doing: challenge the existing cultural, political, legal, commercial, and educational systems to change fundamentally not only the language but also the very institutions in which they do business. They could even precipitate a debate over a "special relationship" with Mexico that would make the controversy over the North American Free Trade Agreement look like a college bull session. In the process, Americans could be pitched into a soul-searching redefinition of fundamental ideas such as the meaning of citizenship and national identity."

"The possibility looms that in the next generation or so we will see a kind of Chicano Quebec take shape in the American Southwest..."


So.... What does this magnificent culture bring us? We'd better take a look at it, because it looks like it's going to be shoved down our freekin' throats whether we want it or not. Let's take a little look around and see what we can see...

Well... I see houses painted in day-glow colors. Usually a very "tasteful" combination of Electric Blue and Atomic Yellow. Or perhaps Neon Green and Nuclear Orange. Hmmmm... There’s a bunch that have no paint on them whatsoever. Niiiiice... Oh look! Why there's even a giant shrine to the Virgin Mary in the front yard ... complete with blinking Christmas lights and everything!
Let's see... there's a bunch of guys in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week sitting around in their underwear on the front porch drinking Budweisers. And of course, a couple of dozen 'empties' scattered around along with the empty oil bottles. There's a couple of speakers dragged out the front door onto the grassless front yard blaring what I would assume to be some sort of Mexican music. You can't really tell, because it's so
LOUD and DISTORTED, it could be anything. But you sure as hell can hear it from 4 fucking blocks away. Some of these 'vato's' have enough tattoos so they look like they're wearing a shirt. Shaved heads, tattoo's on their heads and THE STARE as you pass by. Oh look! A couple of them are giving you some sort of hand-signal! That MUST mean "Hello and welcome to the neighborhood!" in "homeboy", I'll bet...
In front of this very tasteful domicile are parked a few mid-80's Buick's with flat tires, oil leaking out of them and a couple of Chevy trucks with pictures of cows on the doors and a couple of cowboy hats stickers on the back window. Ohhh... check out those mudflaps with the giant chrome naked woman on them! Lessee'... 1...2...3.. Yup! 3,000 running lights stuck all over it too. That's SO cool! I wish I had a truck like that.
Hey! Do you hear that? That "BOOM-BOOM! BOOM-BOOM!"? Here comes some lowered Honda down the street, that's painted about 18 different metal-flake colors, (in between the primer spots) with some more upstanding shaven-headed citizens, listening to some of that wonderful, and cultural-enlightening "gansta' rap". I think they need a BIGGER stereo, because I can only hear that from 6 fucking blocks away. Hey, they're giving me the "Hello and welcome to the neighborhood" handsign also. What a friendly place!
Well, lets look out onto the garbage-strewn sidewalk. I see a few places where the concrete is colored a ruddy red, with lighted Virgin Mary candles and flowers marking the spot. I wonder what this means? Maybe... just MAYBE.... Do you suppose that one group of fellows with the "Hello and welcome to the neighborhood" handsign, gave the handsign to a group of other fine fellows who didn't want to be told "Hello and welcome to the neighborhood" and blew their fucking brains out with a sawed-off semi-auto 12-gauge? Naaaaaawwww....
Lets walk up the street now.... Now, is it just me, or does it seem like every damn wall has some sort of "mural" painted on it. Again with the day-glow colors. Don't look at these in full daylight, or your retinas will be burned out. Some retarded 5-6 year-old kids must paint these, because they certainly look like it. Hell, they're on the side of every wall, business, garage door, school yard wall, you name it... it's there. Just the sort of thing you want to be bombarded with at every turn of the head. How wonderful! An Aztec Indian holding a sign that says "NO ON PROP 187!!". Did the Aztec Indians know what Prop 187 was? Look... here's some kind of strange writing... (Let me get out my Spanish-to-English translation book here) .. Hmmm... It says "Avenue of the Assassins" .... This other one says "Gringo must die!!" Ahhh... I
MUST have translated this wrong.

Home and business ... the beauty is never-ending.

For more pictures of beautiful art that grace the vertical surfaces of much of L.A.

Let's walk around the corner... Hmmmm... Why are all these kids milling around? Isn't school in session? Why, there's a couple of what appear to be 14 year-old girls, with purple lipstick and orange hair, proudly pushing their baby strollers, along with their heavily tattooed, and apparently 16 year-old boyfriends. Why even the girls have tattoo's also... on their necks! It must be some sort of sign of 'commitment' that only can be shared between a 14 and 16 year-old. What lovely couples they make! The boyfriend must certainly be a very self-giving father.... He’s going into the corner liquor store to get his girlfriend a 40 ounce of "Old English 800"... how considerate of him!
Across the street is someone with the perpetual, 365 day-a-year yard sale. Old clothes and broken cheap stereo equipment scattered across the dirt. Hmmm.... some used tires.... plastic glow-in-the-dark statues of Jesus .... some cracked ashtrays .... chipped coffee mugs ....old TV sets with coat-hangers for an antenna... Don't worry about anybody getting this highly valuable stuff before you though.... It’s ALWAYS there, and should something actually be bought, it's immediately replaced by even more valuable antiques.
Of course, front yards are not the only place of the never-ending garbage sales. On the weekend, it gets better. Then the masses take over the city streets and set up garbage sales on public sidewalks for blocks long.

Next door to this garbage-dump-sale, must live Ol' McDonald. How do I know it's Ol' McDonald? Because there is a whole freekin' front yard full of barnyard animals! Chickens... goats.... rabbits.... And even pigs! It certainly adds a certain 'air of distinction' to the neighborhood.. Oh look! The giant bowl of whatever kind of food that is, is full of mice and cockroaches. I'll bet the neighbors just loooooove Ol' McDonald for that! He's feeding their pets for them. What a great neighbor Ol' McDonald must be!

One of the many beautiful estates to be found in East L.A. Truly a "dream house" in anyone's opinion...

As I look further down the street, I see some guy standing at the freeway on ramp, blocking traffic with a grocery cart full of oranges. Next to him is a guy selling shrimp out the back of his van. Of course the back doors are open so you have to change lanes to get around. Down the other way is some other guy pushing a shopping cart selling corn on the cob, and big greasy pieces of deep-fried pig fat. There’s another guy pushing around a cart with cut up pieces of fruit, complete with it's own flies walking all over it. Yum! Hmmmm.... I wonder if these fine gentlemen have business licenses? I wonder if the food they are selling has gone through any kind of inspection? I'm sure they must, because I just couldn't imagine them breaking any laws. Just like the leaf-blower guys.

Well, doesn't this just sound lovely? It's certainly the way I would want to live. And I guess that soon, none of us will have any choice.

So... where will this all lead to, you might ask. It's leading to U.S. citizens being made to feel like strangers in their own damn country. It will also lead to them (which they are already doing) leaving in droves. Most people I would imagine, who go to work every day, bust their ass, and pay their taxes, DON'T want to have their neighborhood turned into a 3rd world slum. Yet I tell you, it's happening, and the worst thing is, is that there isn't a goddamn thing that can be done. U.S. citizens are losing ground. HOW you ask? Not because of this "culture" being advanced by any means. Not because this "culture" brings any advanced technology that is based in the area. Not because of any great art or theater gifts. Not because it is a "culture" that routinely produces great thinkers or inventors. It's being done by shear numbers, plain and simple. Of course when you have idiot elected politicians (some with criminal records, dope addicts, etc.) with the likes of Gloria Moline, Mike Hernandez, Richard Allotrope, etc. etc., who have openly displayed hostility for "the establishment" and whom are obviously on a "Reconquista" agenda.... That certainly doesn't help either. And the Feds? Shit, they put on a good dog and pony show, but they couldn't care less. If they did, things wouldn't be so out of hand. If they did, they'd have the National Guard all along the border, or have a fence like the Great Wall of China. But nooooo.... Gotta keep that cheap labor coming no matter what the ultimate price is.
Oh... and let's not forget those hamburger-headed 9th circuit court bleeding-heart-liberal, ACLU puppet judges. If I thought it would do any good, I'd campaign to have those knot-headed dolts voted out of office... but nobody cares anymore. Besides.... If one of them by some strange quirk of fate were to be voted out, they'd probably just 'null and void' the election results as "unconstitutional" like they do everything that they have a personal disagreement with. Assholes.

Ever notice that even a dog has enough sense to not shit where it spends most of its time? How it will pick a little corner of the yard to do its business, and only go over there for doing its business? People (and especially Angeleno's) amaze me that they'd live in someone else's shit.... And be
happy about it.

My Wonderful New Neighbors

Yeah, yeah, yeah .... I know some of you are going to get a real kick outta' this. I can hear a few of you saying "HAHAHAhahahaha!!!!! Serves you right! How do you like it NOW!?" Yeah well, whatever.... Drop dead, OK?
The house next door to me had been vacant for awhile. There used to be this weird lady who lived there, but she was always pretty quiet, and kept to herself. Except for her little yippy-yappy dogs, she was a pretty good neighbor. She upped an left one day ... can't say why, except that she was pretty much broke all the time and I guess just couldn't afford the mortgage anymore ... but she's gone.
So in the last 2-3 weeks we get some new neighbors. Now, I really didn't care who moved in, as long as they weren't noisy or dirty, and kept the place up. Man o' man, not only was I just "Three strikes and your out", I got freekin' FANNED on every pitch!
The first weekend these fine people were moved in, was a harbinger of things to come. Is there ANY reason for people to START a party at 11:00 at night, outside in the middle of March when it’s 40 degrees outside? Is there ANY reason to pull a pickup truck (complete with the "cow" stickers on the doors) into the driveway at this time of night, open the doors and blast distorted and tinny sounding "Om-PahPah" shit all over the freekin' neighborhood? Is there ANY reason to be screaming "YEEEE-HAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" right outside of my bedroom window at 2:00 AM?
The next morning, I took a peek over the side fence, and there is ... about 3-4 dozen empty beer cans scattered about ... a pot of refried beans still in the pot getting crusty and moldy.... A half-empty bag of tortillas turning into roof shingles ... and several pieces of chicken still on the long-ago-cold grill. Is this in itself a big deal? No.... but when it sits there for an entire fucking WEEK it is. Is there ANY reason to leave this stuff out and collect cockroaches like this? Is there ANY reason as to let this stuff sit, so that when the driveway gate is opened up all the empty beer cans roll out into the street to just sit there forever?
So later I walk out to the front of my house. Hmmmmm. Broken beer bottles all over the sidewalk. Gee! I WONDER where THOSE came from? Being the nice guy that I am, I got my push-broom from the garage, and returned all the broken glass to the property for which it was originally intended. Now ... I may be wrong, but whenever/if I were to find broken glass in MY driveway I would clean it up. Accidents happen. Now do my fine new neighbors feel the same? I guess not! They just figure that they'll run over it with their cars about 3,000 times and grind it back into sand.
Sooooo... that was the weekend. Now the REAL fun begins. Apparently there is some sort of unwritten law that states "If you are Mexican, and are picking up a friend for/from work, picking up/dropping off anyone in the house for any reason, or just happen to be driving through the neighborhood, YOU MUST HONK THE HORN AS LONG AND LOUD AS POSSIBLE. And the earlier in the morning THE LONGER AND LOUDER IT MUST BE. So help you Hey-sues"
Now I leave early enough in the morning that I never hear the "HEY PEDRO!!!! I'M HERE!!!!!" 30 second long blast from the horn during the weekdays. But my wife and kids do. This happens at 5:30 in the morning. My wife even went out and screamed at them one morning. Did it do any good? Of course not. All she got was the grinning face saying "Si! Si!" Did the honking stop? Of course not! Am I about to take a 'Louisville Slugger' to their $19.95 K-Mart 'La Cucaracha' car horn? It's getting there...
So now the next weekend comes. Again the big party that doesn't start until eyelids start getting droopy. This time, I'm numb enough so as to be able to get to sleep. The next morning I wake up and find empty beer cans all over my front yard and in my bushes that separate the property. Now, as much as this makes me want to start knocking heads together, I learn an important fact about these ... *ahem* .... people. And it is ... It's OK to live in FILTH as long as you sorta', kinda', half-assed clean up before the NEXT party, so your buddies don't SEE that you live like a FUCKING PIG. Even though they probably do the same thing.
Well, this is going to be fun. I can't wait for the future. I'm sure the day-glow house paint, along with the chicken-coops in the backyard is next. Maybe I'll get real lucky and they'll start having cockfights in the garage. I can only hope.
Check back here from time to time, because I'm sure this will be an ongoing story....

These people understand fucking NOTHING. Cinco de Mayo WEEK came and went with me and the neighbors calling the sheriffs 4 times. 4 fucking times .....
Now I don't mind someone having a party every now and then ... but this weeklong shit is for the fucking birds. They don't CARE if someone has to go to work the next morning.... They don't CARE if kids have to sleep and go to school the next day. They don't CARE if they keep the whole Goddamn neighborhood awake the whole Goddamn night. They are fucking scumbags who ought to be dragged out into the middle of the street and have a 30-06 round put through their tiny little pea-fucking-brains.
They are PIGS and ought to be treated like PIGS.
So, I ask you ... what do you do with a neighbor that doesn't give a rat's ass about the rest of neighborhood? What do you do with "mojados" that don't care that the rest of the neighborhood doesn't want to hear fucking "Oom-Pah-Pah" music blaring 24-7? What do you do with a bunch of shits that don't care that they're standing right outside your bedroom window howling like jackals at two in the morning? What do you do with a bunch of pigs that leave their garbage lying all over the front yard?
Talk to them? That's kinda' rough when none of them speak English. Call the cops? That's fine except it takes the sheriffs an hour and a half to get there. Set their house on fire? Shoot first and ask questions later? Turn my dogs loose and tell them its dinnertime? Start throwing bricks through the windows?
I just don't know.....

Memorial Day weekend.... Of course the partying has been non-stop. It never seems to stop. As if Friday and Saturday night wasn't bad enough ... Sunday night was the icing on the cake. Between the neighbors and myself, the sheriffs were called 3 times. The first time was rather interesting. While addressing the complaint, one of the deputies ran the plates on the many cars parked outside. Turns out, one of them was stolen ... so they carted one guy off and the car was naturally impounded. It was pretty satisfying to see that drunken piece of shit, head down in the back of the car, being hauled off to the slammer. Maybe he'll find a new boyfriend in county lockup.
But nothing deters these scum fucks. No sooner had the sheriffs left the music and the fucking howling at the moon started right back up. So, the sheriffs were called out again. And again it was quiet for about ten minutes after they left. About an hour later one of the neighbors called the sheriffs again ... and this time they took someone else away.
NOW it was quiet. I guess that finally broke the party up. Of course it's now 11:30 at night and I have to get up for work in four hours.
Life is wonderful.


June 16th
After an intense campaign of calling the sheriffs out every weekend, (they probably hate my guts now, but who cares?) sometimes two or three times a weekend, and if necessary during the week the battle has been won!! The assholes next door packed up and LEFT!! GONE!! Good triumphs over evil!! The good fight was fought and WON!! Saints be praised!!
And the best part was, is that I didn't have to crack a single head open ... !!
But we'll see what happens ... I may have won the "battle", but we'll see what happens in the "war" ... Although I don't see how I could POSSIBLY have any WORSE neighbors, one never knows....

Another Downhill Slide

Of course it didn't end there. As soon as the fucking donkey-people were evicted and I drew a sigh of relief… Thinking it couldn't get any worse…. Well, it did. Big time.
A couple of months went by and there was the parade of handymen and exterminators going in and out getting the place ready for human beings to inhabit… Well, that's what I thought anyway…

So one day I get home from work and what do I see? Some big fat black WELFARE QUEEN SOW setting up shop. She looked like Jabba the Hut with cornrows. Of course she had a whole herd of gangly-armed whelps bouncing around the yard and the trees like a freekin' three-ring circus. Oh WONDERFUL, I thought as a troupe of chimps on bicycle's sped by screaming at the top of their lungs. Their costumes were funny, but they were missing the pointy hats.
Anyway, it took about a week for the black slug to move her meager possessions into the house. Partly because she didn't have shit… And partly because when you're about 5' 5" and weigh 300 lbs., it's hard to do anything. That was until, of course, the 16-year-old primate daughter and her stereo found its way in.

I used to think that I absolutely HATED the fucking "ranchero" beaner music. Oh shit, that was NOTHING. Nothing like the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM of the most horrible and vile "rap" music (And I DON'T include RAP as being any form of MUSIC, mind you) I've ever had the displeasure to hear.
It was nothing but the most guttural sounding, bone-through-the-nose, inner-city-non I.Q. crap NOISE I've ever heard. It was nothing more than a bunch of black slack-jawed and slope-headed porch monkeys screaming "KILL DA' WHITE MAN!!!"… "FUCK DAT' WHITE BITCH HO'!!!"… "DOPE YOU UP, NIGGAZ!!!! BUST A CAP IN DAT' WHITE MUTHUA'FUGGA'!!!!"…

You know… All the shit that you bleeding heart types let your kids watch on MTV.

It even got to the point where I KNEW they were dealing dope out of the house. And the "niggaz" would sit in the street and tell ME to "Git back in yo' crib, foooool!!" Of course that didn't last too long when one decided he was going to get a little 'uppity' with me (For the mere fact that I was sitting in front of my own house)… And decided he'd better back off when I opened the front door just a little further and let him see the nice little Remington 870 12 gauge I kept next to the door….
These 'niggaz' are like little kids, ya know? You've got to show that you mean business.

Well, after calling the sheriffs a few times on them, I'm sure I made another new friend... Although I never received a Christmas from them. Just an oversight I'm sure.
But as luck would have it, just about the time I couldn't take it any more, the sun broke through the clouds and we all had the opportunity to
get the hell out and moved to the Great Northwest.
And it's a good thing. I was about ready to put the 'niggaz' severed heads on poles out front as a warning to the others.

I guess some people have had fucking ENOUGH!!

Spanish ads upset Southlanders

LOS ANGELES, June 28 - A Spanish-language ad that aired on several Los Angeles English-language TV stations for a week stirred emotions in many around the Southland, it was reported Monday.

Chevron Corp. received a barrage of complaints and even some hate mail after the ads aired in late May on several stations, including NBC4. Officials say they were surprised by the response of the commercials that placed the English-subtitled spots to appeal to Latino viewers, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported.
"We did get some comments from people who were not happy, and we did get some from people who really enjoyed the commercial," Chevron spokesperson Bonnie Chaikind said.
She would not elaborate, but she conceded the number of negative responses exceed the number of positive ones.
Bill Imada, president of Los Angeles-based Imada Wong Communications, called Chevron to congratulate them on the ads, only to be told about the negative response.
"The comments were things like, `This is the United States, this isn’t Mexico,’ and, `If I wanted to hear Spanish, I’d go to a foreign country," he said.
He told the Business Journal that Chevron received angry e-mail messages and letters, in which the writers threatened to tear up their Chevron cards or boycott Chevron stations if the spots kept running. "It shocked me," he said. "I was expecting people to be a little more tolerant in L.A. We live in a community where 40 percent of the population is Hispanic."

(MY comment) Well fucking DUUUUUUH!!!!! Did these IDIOTS just think that we were just going to sit by and not complain about the U.S.A. turning into Mexico, even if it is only on TV??? These RETARDS just don't seem to understand that this is THE UNITED STATES, where we speak ENGLISH, no matter WHAT the fuck they claim the demographics are.)

The commercial is no longer running on English-language stations in Los Angeles, but Chaikind said it was never intended to be broadcast for more than a week.

My Wonderful New Year’s Eve

Well all the "suits" downtown were running around like Chicken Little crying "The sky is falling!! The SKY IS FALLING!!" over this Y2K nonsense. Even though the Department of Water and Power had spent an entire year before that, with teams of experts going around to each and every facility... Checking and rechecking to make sure those things were compliant... And that everything checked OK . The "suits" still believed that THE END IS NEAR.

Soooo ... because there were a bunch of guys who pretty much just push papers and dream up new ‘rules’ for a living ... And were apparently completely ignorant of the ‘facts’ ... Others and myself had to work New Year’s Eve.

Of course I drew the short straw. I got to spend my New Years Eve sitting on top of a hill in the beautiful and blissful Garden of Eden known as East L.A. So while everyone else was out having the times of their lives, or even just spending a nice quiet evening at home with their loved ones bringing in the New Year.

I got to spend the time counting down the time until the local ... *ahem* ... "Upstanding Citizens" were waiting to empty as many clips as they could into the air. And I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as midnight struck, all of a sudden it sounded like the fucking battle of Gettysburg ... except with fully automatic weapons, 10 round clip handguns and shotguns. I was totally amazed and frightened at the same time. I ducked into the pump station. I figured that the cinder block bricks would/should stop most rounds flying through the air. Then I looked up at the roof. Plywood. "Oh!! This is fucking GREAT!" I thought. So as the night air was filled with constant gunshots and soon the sounds of sirens, there I sat with my head under a 8" metal pipe (Thinking that this was the only thing I had to offer any real protection for my head should bullets come crashing down through the roof) for about the 20 minutes it took for the gunfire to finally subside. I was at one with all the Black Widows...

My supervisor finally called and got hold of me. Just NOW they seemed concerned for my "safety". Even after I had been telling them for the two previous weeks what to expect.

Sooooo..... Even after I knew I was getting butt-fucked by having to work New Years Eve, I thought, "Well , at LEAST I’m going to make some serious overtime money" .... WRONG again! It wasn’t ENOUGH for "management" to fuck me in the ass, they decided they where going to wrap sandpaper around their dicks while they did it! So about 1:30 AM I get the call ... Time to wrap it up and go home! I was EXPECTING to work until about 6:00 AM. This is GREAT! It’ll take ½ hour to get back to "base", which then will place me on the freeway RIGHT when all the stinkin' fuckin' DRUNKS are getting kicked out of the bars and sent along their merry way! I was just LOVING LIFE!!

Fortunately, I creeped along home at 50 mph, and keeping a sharp eye out ... Avoided any problems. How lucky was I. Not so lucky as the two guys I heard about on the radio as I headed home. Seems these two guys were outside on the sidewalk not but a few blocks from where I was on top of the hill ... And both took a bullet through the tops of their heads. Both died right then and there.

Happy New Year.

What the hell is THIS??

While driving by a public park the other day where there is a brand new baseball field.... I noticed the flags flying over the field. Along with the U.S. flag and California flag, was THIS ....

What the hell is THIS??!! Is this some sort of "official" city flag? I've lived in/near L.A. my whole freekin' life and I've NEVER seen this before! I've worked for the city for 15 years now and I'VE NEVER seen this flag flying anywhere EVER! I don't know about you, but I know what this flag is supposed to look like! Now just what do you suppose that might be? Hmmmmmm???? Is this the city doing a little ASS-KISSING do you think?? I wonder whose brilliant idea this was? I wonder how long it will be before the U.S. flag isn't flown at all anymore. Just watch.... One day.... Just like the Confederate flag in South Carolina, someone will start decrying the U.S. flag as being representative of oppression and racism. I wonder how long it will be before the above flag will be replaced with a regular Mexican flag?? And as usual, nobody will say one fucking word about it.

And by the way ....

Here's what we are teaching kids in school ... to paint crap "murals" like this shit. The "poor" Mexican woman being torn away from her gully and chickens by the EVIL WHITE MAN to make way for Dodger Stadium. Nice, eh?


Monday, February 5, 2001

Los Angeles, CA -
While the rest of America is being told to "celebrate multiculturalism," some of those we've welcomed to this nation have a very different idea. It isn't being given any coverage in the local newspapers. You certainly won't be seeing it on television. But thousands Mexicans living in Los Angeles are aggressively bashing the United States with illuminated L.E.D. car signs that read "Fuck You, this is still Mexico."

This is an extension of ongoing, open hostilities by Mexicans throughout southern California against the U.S.A.

Last year, on the Fourth of July, Mexicans launched organized protests against the US, burning American Flags in front of a Veterans Cemetery then attacking white Americans protesting illegal immigration.

Aside from some local coverage, the rest of the nation heard little or nothing about the anti-American hatred being spewed, or the violent attacks on Americans by Mexican immigrants - most of them, illegals.


The incidents on July 4, and this latest America-bashing crusade using L.E.D. car signs is an example of the danger of multiculturalism. When people are encouraged to consider themselves members of sub-groups rather than simply "Americans" the consequences can be dangerous.

History is replete with examples of such balkanization in other countries leading to violence. One need only look at Kosovo, Bosnia or Rwanda to see recent examples of group-identity leading to death and destruction. But in this case, ethnic pride is less the situation than is real estate.

Many of the Mexicans involved in this bash-America movement are part of groups seeking to reverse the outcome of the Mexican American War! These people view Southern California, much of Arizona and New Mexico including the western portion of Texas to be sovereign Mexican territory. They refer to it as Aztlan.

While some have heard of this Aztlan movement over the course of several years, there has never been widespread coverage of it in the media. Through this story, we hope to begin changing the media silence.

The new Bush Administration has a lot on its plate and many of the issues they must confront are far more important in the immediate future. But the Administration would be wise to pay attention to this issue because our nation ought not tolerate foreigners within our borders whose mission includes redrawing the geographic boundaries of the United States.

As Citizens, we must make clear to everyone - especially those with little L.E.D. signs in their cars - that breaking up the United States will not be permitted. Those who attempt to do otherwise should be confronted by whatever means are necessary, and assisted with their exit from the country - whether they want to leave or not.

(MY solution? A .357 round through each one of those signs would take care of the problem ... J)

Here is a list of LAPD's top "10 Most Wanted" as of August 2001 .... Is there anything surprising about this? OR .... Maybe NOT so surprising???

 Vahagan Akopyan

Pedro Bonilla

 Fausto Campos

 Byron Contreras

 Hector Lozano

 Jesse Monarrez

 Cesar Nistal

 Demecio Perez

 Ramon Reyes

 Victor Vargas

Well.... Ain't this a kick in the head. You notice how when a bunch of ranchers get together to try and keep their property and livelihoods from being destroyed because the government CAN'T or WON'T do anything about it.... All of a sudden they're "taking advantage of the uncertainty existing in our country to spread their racist hatred and resentment"??? I wonder what these idiots would say if it were Americans flooding into Mexico??

U.S. vigilante group recruiting members to patrol Mexican border

Maria Leon, EFE - 2/20/2002

DOUGLAS, Arizona - Human rights groups have complained about Operation Falcon, a campaign launched by the anti-immigrant group Ranch Rescue in an effort to recruit volunteers to help guard the border between Arizona and Mexico.

Through its Web page, the group made up of Texas ranchers has invited U.S. citizens to participate in a campaign aimed at stopping illegal immigration in Cochise County, Arizona, this spring. The group says members of terrorist organizations may have entered the United States illegally through that county, which continues to witness the most activity of any on the border between Mexico and the United States.

Ranch Rescue maintains it is now more important than ever to put border security into the hands of "good" citizens because the Border Patrol has been ineffective in stemming the tide of illegal immigration.

This is the second time Ranch Rescue has threatened to patrol the roads along the border between Douglas and Agua Prieta, Mexico.

In the past, the group has distributed flyers inviting volunteers to join in a "hunt" for undocumented immigrants, whom they describe as criminals who come to destroy ranches, rob and smuggle drugs.

According to the information on its Web page, the group plans to descend on the border between Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora during the last two weeks of March.

Immigration attorney Isabel Garcia, director of the Human Rights Coalition of Arizona, said Ranch Rescue was coming to Arizona at the invitation of Douglas ranchers. A group of armed ranchers led by Roger Barnett has devoted itself to detaining undocumented immigrants in the Douglas area.

Barnett has stated on several occasions that he has detained and turned over approximately 1,000 undocumented immigrants to the Border Patrol.

Garcia said the presence of this anti-immigrant group in Arizona is another consequence of continued militarization along the border and unjust U.S. immigration laws.

"These groups are taking advantage of the uncertainty existing in our country to spread their racist hatred and resentment against undocumented immigrants," Garcia insisted.

The immigration attorney also said undocumented immigrants crossing the border at Douglas are generally Mexicans or Central Americans looking for work.

Illegal immigration has once again become a hot topic in Arizona, where legislators and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) officials will meet next week to study a possible increase in the number of agents assigned to the area.

Hey "white" man!! Even the United States Navy doesn't want you anymore....