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Los Angeles.... the dream of dreams for many people. A place where everyone is eternally young and beautiful, nobody works, and the biggest decision of the day is what horse to ride down what beach, while sipping a Sunkist Orange. Everyone is blonde and buff, lives in Malibu, and shops in Beverly Hills. Movie Stars are so plentiful you bump into a dozen a day. The streets are paved with gold!...and itís always 74 degrees outside. And thats just on the weekdays! On the weekends you just hop into your 'Beemer' or throw your leg over the saddle of your way-cool chic Harley, and head off to the week's most 'trendy' restaurant, watering-hole, or oxygen bar (complete with ferns and a waiter who says "Hello! My name is Lance, and I'll be your server tonight!"). Or perhaps go hit the slopes, or maybe even to the private beach for the latest party being thrown by one of your many Hollywood friends. Hell, you just can't wait for them to see your latest plastic surgery or your $500 hair 'style'. Decisions, decisions... Life is just such a bitch around here!

Yeah right.... if your stupid enough to believe the crap thatís spoon-fed you on asinine TV shows like "Baywatch" or "90210". If you think that those moronic shows even come anywhere near what life here is like, you're an even bigger idiot than the bubbleheads portrayed on the casts of those shows. There must be no shortage of idiots though ... because for some reason they 'buy' the can of goods sold to them, and just keep a-comin'!

Los Angeles SUCKS and Iíll tell you why....

Now...... before you get the wrong impression here.... let me explain just exactly where Iím coming from. Iím neither a disgruntled transplant from New York, bitching about how you canít get a decent pastrami sandwich at 3 AM, or a native mid-westerner lamenting the fact that there is no "changing" of the seasons, or any 'middle American' who upon arrival is horrified to discover themselves suddenly surrounded by freaks and weirdo's, nor any of the other reasons why anyone would be forced, by necessity or even voluntarily, to live in this hell-hole. Iím just your average "Joe". Iím a California native, born in Burbank in 1955. I grew up in Sepulveda (North Hills now... which is neither "north" or has any real hills), and have lived in Northridge, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Simi Valley, South Pasadena, Highland Park, Culver City, Reseda, Palmdale, and brief stints in Sacramento and San Diego.

Iím about as average as you could get. Blue collar worker with a decent (EX) Civil Service job, (I now work in the private sector .... TRUST ME ..... Snivel Service is NOT the easy, laid-back, cushy work you may THINK it is!!) 1.0 wives, 2.0 kids, 1.0 dogs, 2.0 cars, and an average house with the white picket fence, yadda-yadda-yadda... you know the story. (House is gone ... gave it up .... see "I'm Outta Here") Some might even call me an "Angry White Male" (YES, I am!!!). Or maybe even more fittingly a "Joe Six-pack". I have no problem with this and I know who I am.

At one time in my life I would have defended living (and the only reason I use the word "living", is for lack of a more descriptive word of what itís like to exist in this "armpit") in/around L.A. or the rest of California with my dying breath. Now.... I canít get out of here fast enough, and consider anyone who would
want to live here a fucking idiot.

And now without further delay ... Here are all the wonderful reasons to LEAVE Los Angeles... Just like I did....

Some of the pictures in the pages below are NOT for the kiddies or faint-of-heart!! This site contains graphic pictures of crime scenes!! If you are offended by this, or don't want to expose your kids to this, then LEAVE NOW!!

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Tales of the Great Northwest - Chapter I

Tales of the Great Northwest - Chapter II

Tales of the Great Northwest - Chapter III


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January 6th, 1998

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