Here are the just LOVELY kind of .... well for lack of a better term, ... "murals" that seem to be popping up all over the place like so many dog turds that appear on your front lawn overnight.
Are these done because of the shear beauty of the artwork? Not by the looks of it. It looks like shit. Is this a "cultural expression"? Maybe, but I don't see other "cultures" scaring the landscape with this kind of eyesore. So why is this done? I'll tell you why.
Like male dogs pissing on everything to "mark" their territory, these gawdy pimples on the face of society are the same thing. It is for them to tell THE EVIL WHITE MAN that this is their territory. That this area is now "ours". Plain and simple.

Now before you accuse me of over-exaggerating... I could have taken ALOT more pictures...

Beautiful, eh?

Just what I'd want to see out my front door.<

Business really beautifies itself... Gee! I think I'LL shop there!

The highest of "quality" meat markets

OHHHHhhhhh! The "Frito Bandito's"! .....Well.... I'M intimidated!

Bad Acid Trips

What the hell is this??
Since when is Betty Boop Mexican??
Is nothing sacred anymore??