Well this is it, I suppose. My farewell to this giant bucket of SHIT known as Los Angeles and Southeren California. YES!!!!!!!!!!
For all you who SUPPORTED ME during the last 3-4 years in my quest to get the hell out of here .... My deepest most heartfelt thanks.
For those of you who said "Well, then, get the fuck out" ... I AM! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?? ( I know I am!! )
And .... for those of you who said I talk the talk, but can't walk the walk ....
You sniveling little whiney shits.......you know who you are....

No-Man's Land

This is what I call No-man's Land. This is where I'll be moving. This is where YOU won't be. This is where there will be no kind of undesirable freaks. This is where regular people live and this is where I and my family will live. Here, you see no billboards .... only pine trees and mountains. There are no (good ones anyway) Mexican restaurants because there are no Mexicans. You don't hear the "Boom-Boom!!" of someones fucking gansta' rap out of their car stereo. All you hear are cows, hawks, and the windrustlingg through the trees. The sky is deep blue, and you can see for as far as the eye can see. Life is slow, and yes so are a lot of the people ... but that I can deal with.

People measure their land by acres, not feet. Money is NOT the driving force behind what makes things go round', lumber, hay and land is.
People up there don't sue each other just for the hell of it. A man's word is good enough. If you see a sign that says NO TRESPASSING, that means exactly fucking that. No need to lock your doors at night, the bears want what's in the trash cans out back. Everyone drives a 4x4 (if they're smart) carries a chain saw in the back, along with a shovel, a board, and a jack. This is where you can fish in places the fish don't even know what a hook is. This is a place where it's not a question of IF you'll ever run into a deer, but when. This is a place where you can hunt and shoot animals .... most everyone has a deep freezer with some kind of "steaks" in it, and people think that huge rack of elk antlers over your fireplace is pretty damn cool.

Kids get to grow up like kids, without having to dodge bullets, or watch their other little friends get buried. The schools up there teach them to read, write, and do math .... for some reason they don't worry if your kid speaks Spanish or not, and they don't fill their heads up with a bunch of crap, like they need to understand homos or that we are destroying the planet. My kids will go fishing, riding their bikes down dirt roads, go swimming in a nearby river and build "forts" in the woods. My kids will **GASP!!** learn how to use and respect a rifle. My kids will learn that when you shoot a deer you aim for the neck and you'd better drop it in one shot. My kids will learn how to field dress a deer.

I'll live in a place where you chop wood for the winter. A place where your 4x4 had better be fitted for a snow plow in front. A place where the only illegal aliens you may see have Alberta or B.C. on their licence plates. And even THEY speak English. I'll live in a place where everyone might know your business, but they'll be the first to lend a hand to you in time of need. I'll live in a place where the lady behind the counter of the local store is REALLY glad to see you walk in, is truly interested in how you and your family is doing, and wants to know what's going on. NOT like the greasy dot-head behind the counter of the 7-11 who cares nothing more than to get you out as quick as possible.

I'll live in a place where if you want to smoke a big ol' smelly cigar in a bar, you can. There is NO such thing as "political correctness" up there. When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. You don't go up there and try to change things .... you might end up looking down the wrong end of a shotgun. You go up there and you fit in to the way they do things. There is no whiney crying about stupid shit.

The County Mounties up there have not much else to do except write speeding tickets and get the drunks off the road. Every once in a while they have a confrontation with a Billy-Bob local who feels that they can drive just fine after sucking down 400 beers, but thats about it. No murders ... no drive bys .... no scumbags selling your kids drugs .... about the biggest thing you have to worry about is a tree falling on you.

Anyway .... my moving is NOT the end of this website. If anything it will only strengthen it. Sooooo .... with that being said, and with a lighter (much lighter) heart, again I thank those who gave me the support, advice and encouragement to get the hell out of this stinkin' shithole. My advice to those who are still living in this cesspool, all I can say is: