Had enough of the idiots that "run" the show? Want to spout off and let the cretins have it good? Ever feel like walking into City Hall with an AK-47 and about 50 spare clips, screaming "I've had ENOUGH of the BULLSHIT!!!!" and mowing everyone down in sight?? (No.... don't do that!!)
Well .... being as I'm sure you and I aren't about to park a Ryder truck in front of City Hall, a Federal Building, or a State Office somewhere up in Sacramento, this is about the next best thing without actually risking going to the gray-bar motel for a very long time. Below are pics, names, email address, phone numbers, etc. of State/City people who "run" (HA!) the circus.
Besides voting (for usually the lesser of the idiots) for those who are to represent you, you .... as a citizen, can make your voice heard by the barking seals. Believe it or not, phone calls, mail, email, etc. DO have an effect! I saw once that because most "citizens" are too damn lazy to stir any shit up when their elected monkeys screw up, they have a formula that figures that every phone call, snail-mail, and email "represents" XXX amount of people. Soooo ... they take these things (at least they're SUPPOSE to) serious ... maybe serious? .... kinda' sorta' maybe serious? Ahhhhh hell, who knows? But .... it's really all we've got .... next to a Ryder truck anyway ....

Oh .... and the "comments" are strictly my opinion of course ....

City of Los Angeles Losers (City Council & Mayor)
Picture Name &
email address & Phone # Comments
Ed Reyes

(213) 485-3451
New guy. The only councilman who has a website in Spanish. Figures. Every single person on his staff just happens to be Mexican. Imagine that! If it were a white guy who had nobody but whites working for him the screams of protest would be shattering city hall. Gee... I wonder what this guy's agenda is? Three guesses and the fisrt two don't count.
Joel Wachs

(213) 485-3391
"Old timer" on City Council. Confessed dick-sucking fag. Jew. Wants to be Mayor but always loses..Always trying to pass some queer-friendly city ordinance. Dislikes almost every City Dept. Loves to throw wrench in gears. A city councilman who thought that L.A. should get into the "Confederate Flag Controversy" on the OTHER SIDE of the country!! Pay attention of your OWN area Joel, and get your homo Jew nose out of other people's business!!
Dennis Zine

(213) 485-3486
New guy. Looks like he should be working behind a counter at a 7-11. Or selling used cars. Never trust anyone who has a 'cop' mustache
John Ferraro

(213) 485-3337
Croaked out. Dead. Look to be replaced by some other worthless piece of crap.
Jack Weiss

(213) 485-5013
A Jew. A lawyer. What else do you need to know?
Ruth Galanter

(213) 485-3357
Pretty nondescript. Got stabbed in the neck a few times during "mugging", some years back. "Forgave" the attacker. Jerk.
Alex Padilla

(213) 847-7777
La Raza sympathizer. Fancies himself as the "Mexican Mayor" of L.A. Always mugging for the camera. Wouldn't trust this geek any further than I could throw him.
Mark Ridley-Thomas

(213) 485-3331
Another "Bleeding-heart Asshole". Thinks that the area around downtown is just a woooooonderful place to live.... typical blubber mouth.
Jan Perry

(213) 485-3351
Worked tirelessly for Census 2000 Outreach. In other words, wanted to make damn sho' all de brutha's an sistha's be gittin' counted. Yeaaaah. Das' right!
Nate Holden

(213) 485-3323
This guy ... is a real piece of work! Mr. "ass-grabber". This guy defended O.J. ... This guy defended Hernandez. This guy'll defend any scumbag. Likes to accuse other councilmen of being Nazis and Klansmen. Keeps trying to get the Raiders back to L.A. even though nobody but him wants them. I think he's FINALLY given up on that. Who knows. Loves seeing his name in the paper.
Cindy Miscikowski

(213) 485-3811
Who?? Is she on City Council? Really? What does she do? Bubble-headed blonde ... Big head, little brain.
Hal Bernson

(213) 485-3343
Another 'Old-timer'. Another Jew. Seems to be pretty good most of the time, but has screwed up in the past. Waiting to retire or die.
Eric Garcetti

(213) 485-3353
Don't let the last name fool you. This guy is a Mexican. Not only is he a Mexican, but he's a FAGGOT Mexican. A real goat-blowing "activist" liberal. Anyone who was on the "Council for Race Relations and Human Rights" ... is a member of the Fascist Sierra Club or those idiot Tree People ... is a regular monkey fucker. One of about the 6 people in the whole country that drives an electric car.
Nick Pacheco

(213) ???-????
Another La Raza puking Mexican. Made big deal about kid (Parents NOT WATCHING) getting run over on Eastern Blvd. Doesn't seem to make big deal about all the others getting killed by gang-scum in his district.
Janis Hahn

(213) 485-3347
Comes from a looooong line of bleeding-heart liberals. Brother is Mayor. No conflict of interest there, is there?
Jimmy Hahn Jr.

(213) 978-0600
Same as sister above. Liberal. But better than the in-your-face 'Reconquesta' cry-bitch that ran against him. Just barely better... But still an ASS-KISSER to the Mexicans. Was quoted recently saying "Mexicans who have lived for years in Los Angeles should be considered for some sort of legalized status that would make them eligible for things like in-state college tuition or drivers' licenses... Mexicans who have established themselves in California should get some sort of legal recognition. We are more than friends, we are business partners." Guess he doesn't CARE that these "Mexicans" are in the country ILLEGALLY. And that just by that fact makes them CRIMMINALS. Ohhhhhh Nooooo!!! Let's just pour the ol' tax dollars their way and give them all the freekin' perks!!
What a fuck-head this guy is.

County Supervisors
PictureName and District Phone # and email addressComments
Gloria Molina

1st District
(213) 974-4111
Worthless bleeding heart liberal. "Reconquesta" agenda ABSOLUTELY....! Trouble-maker.
Yvonne Brathwaite Burke

2nd District
(213) 974-2222
Yet another worthless bleeding heart liberal. Usually shoots off mouth WAY before brain has caught up. Anti-white, bigtime. Constant embarrassment for all.
Zev Yaroslavsky

3rd District
(213) 974-3333
Totally unpronounceable name. Used to be L.A. city councilman.Likes to spend taxpayer money on helicopters to get places. Wants to spend a ton of $$ to have meetings translated into Spanish. Got upset when other members voted to support a bill that would ban gay marriages in CA. This guy loves all the wrong people it seems.
Don Knabe

4th District
(213) 974-4444
Nondescript guy. Nothing good, nothing bad ... which is probably a blessing. Was mayor of Cerritos. Likes to fish.
Michael D. Antonovich

5th District
(213) 974-5555
Been a county supervisor since the Triassic Period. "D" in middle initial stands for Do-nothing. This guy really does nothing. Except to keep getting elected. That he does.

State (and other) Morons
email address & phone #comments
Gray Davis

(916) 445-2841
Newly elected liberal hack. First day in office and wants to rename historical places/things, because he feels that the person they were named after were not "moral" enough. What a bunch of P.C. bullshit. Also wants to reinstate Affirmative Action on UC campuses.
Kissing Mexican President Zedillo's ASS so much has entire head up Zedillo's butt. Would just LOVE to completely open border ... Had Prop 187 "executed" by just ignoring the court appeal. NOT A FRIEND TO THE "WHITE MAN", by ANY means. An even bigger bleeding-heart piece of shit than Jerry Brown! ...Recent evidence of wrongdoing that would have you or I unemployed. Of course he's ABOVE THE LAW. Total LIAR to the job he was sworn in to do ... which was to obey the will of the people. Gray Davis is a fucking TRAITOR AND A LIAR to this state!! He has said "In the near future, people will look at California and Mexico as one Magnificent region". If he had his way, would just throw open the border. This is the same idiot who wants to eliminate all state income taxes for teachers! Hey buttwipe!! How about the rest of us, huh??
Barbara Boxer

(619) 239-3884
Another bleeding heart Jew who has jumped upon the "It's for the CHILDREN!" bandwagon. Has done NOTHING real to improve the state. Probably except for the 92' "Year of the Woman" proclamation, would have never been elected. Useless, except for trying to take your guns away.
Dianne Feinstein

(310) 914-7300
Yet another bleeding heart Jew. This one has done nothing real either, except to get her picture in the paper alot. Oh, and she tries to take your guns away also. Usually 'seen' with a bunch of kids. Her and Boxer seem to think that kids have more "rights" than those of us who cast votes, pay taxes, put roofs over the heads and dinner on the tables. Of course a traitor to this nation by having dealings with commie Chinese. Clinton defender. THAT .... says it all.
9th Circuit Courthttp://www.ce9.uscourts.govHA! These cretins supreme .... You vote for it and sure as shit, they'll strike it down! If whatever it is isn't just dripping sugar-sweet with political correctness, forget it ... it's gone. And then ... these inane fools will tell you in a `round about way, that you were too freekin' stupid to understand what you were voting for! The only consolation is that we get to share these retards with other states.

These are idiots who have earned a special space on this website for their blatant stupidity. These people are such drooling morons they ought to be awarded a special prize. Like a GIANT BOOT IN THE ASS.
PictureName and Officeemail and/or phone #Comments
Mexican President

Fucking Scumbag Piece of Dog Shit
Who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares. This is the asshole who Gray Davis has his tounge 2 feet up his butt-crack.
This is the asshole who said "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by it's borders and that Mexican migrants (ILLEGAL ALIENS) are and important part of it."
"We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans (ILLEGAL ALIENS) in the U.S."
Just WHO the fuck does THIS asshole think he is to be saying that shit to US?? As far as I'm concerned, there aren't enough bullets to pump into this arrogant asswipe.
Maxine Waters

Representative - L.A. - 35th District
(no email)
(213) 757-8900
This woman is truly a Moron. Extreme ultra-left wing P.C. racist. This is the woman that during the L.A. riots was screaming "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!". This is the cretin that believed the CIA was supplying crack to L.A. blacks. This dufus will, at a moments notice, scream that white people are racists if they are not constantly kissing black people's asses. If she weren't so fucking STUPID she'd actually be dangerous.
Ruben Zacarias

EX -Head Retard of the L.A. Unified School District
(213) 625-6000
(213) 625-6766

This pin-head acts like the entire school district has nothing but Mexican students. Extreme "Reconquesta" agenda, and makes no bones about it. This is the dork that said Cinco de Mayo had better be being celebrated in public school, or he was going to know why not. And with Asshole racists like this, we wonder why our school kids are at the bottom of damn-near everything.
YES!!! Just got FIRED!!! Let's make SURE this idiot NEVER gets into any kind of office around here again!!
Adolfo Nodal

General Manager
Dept. of Cultural Affairs
City of L.A.
(no email)
This ... ASSHOLE ... had the nerve to dismiss the celebration of the 4th of July, as "noncultural" and just a bunch of "rah-rah-rah"(IN THE UNITED STATES!!!) and thereby in his pea-brain justifying 3 TIMES the amount of taxpayers money being spent on a FOREIGN NATION'S HOLIDAYS. This is one RACIST that I wouldn't shed a tear if he was found in an alley with a bullet in his head.
David S. Freeman

General Manager
Dept. of Water and Power
City of L.A.
(no phone # - what a surprise)
JEW. Here is an outsider brought in to "manage" a huge city Dept. he knew nothing about. His mode of operation (as in the past) is to just fire as many people as possible, dismantle a company, and then just walk away. Never mind about putting it back together. Wasted 1 million dollars to develop "quiet" leafblowers. NOW is taking a 6 month leave of absence (from his job he was hired to do) to run for political office! Ran for office and lost. Went to 'work' for some outher company... Ready to destroy it, no doubt.
Willie Brown
Mayor of `Frisco
(415) 554-6141
Mayor of `Frisco, was California Speaker of the Assembly. Huge RACIST disguised as ultra-liberal. In fact his big weapon is to point the "racist" finger at others, while being guilty of it himself many times over. Ego swelled control-freak that wastes millions of tax dollars while lining his and others pockets. Accused of graft and election fraud. Loves to hand out welfare. Likes to be called "Da Mayor". The sooner this guy is gone, the better off we'll ALL be.


Here is a list of companies, (in no particular order) and email addresses where I could find them, that deserve to be boycotted. Why you ask? These are companies that have gone out of their way to make it easier for aliens/foreigners NOT to have to assimilate into this ENGLISH speaking country. Yup ... they have billboards around town in Spanish, thereby adding to the descent of L.A. becoming more and more like a 3rd world nation. So ... if you want to try and make an impression on these idiots that are catering to people who don't want to bother even learning the language of the country they LIVE in, BOYCOTT these products and let them know how you feel!!

Mobil GasolineKern Fruit JuicePepsiCola
CocaColaLevi StraussGreyhound
Continental AirlinesRite-AidU.S. Postal Service
(A tough one, I know ...)
GillettePost CerealsSouthwest Airlines
Mitsubishi MotorsFord Motor Co.Toyota
Maxwell HouseChevron GasolineBuchanan's Scotch Whiskey
Miller Brewing Co.BeechnutBudweiser
Wonder BreadSeagrams 7Don Pedro
McDonaldsState FarmDawn
Pac BellCrest ToothpasteSamsung
DennysVicks NyquilDowney Frabric Softener

What the hell is THIS??? I open a bag of Doritos at lunch today, and find this thing to enter some sort of contest. And don't tell me, "Well .... it's tortilla chips, so of course they're marketing to who they think is going to buy their product ....
You're better off not eating that poison anyway... "

The Jews and You

The hidden tax you pay to the Jews...

The Kosher Food Tax is the biggest consumer fraud existing in America. Examine every item in your cupboards for either the (U) or (K) labels. These symbols represent the Jew "blessing" and when these small symbols are detected, it means that you have unwittingly paid a tax to a Jew religious group. They will not always be on the front of the package; they may be hidden amid the small print near the label's seam. This cryptic code has to do with a Hebrew "secret," a heist, which illuminates the Jews' power in the United States. The circled "U," sometimes with the word "Parve," stands for Union of Orthodox Jews (UOJCA), the "K" stands for Kosher (KOV K). Both will not be found on the same package. These symbols mean that the product's producer paid the stinkin' Jews a kind of "tax" to have some rabbi fuck "bless" it.
Lower left-hand corner Slightly lower than center

Don't confuse these letters with the letter "R" which stands for registered trade mark or a letter "C" which stands for copyright. These two letters will probably be there too. You have now discovered what the Jews call "hechsers," a rip-off code found on most grocery items. In 1959, the Wall Street Journal estimated that this massive Jew payola at about $20 million. That is almost forty years ago. Imagine what it is today!! Since that time, the Yid owned Wall Street Journal has remained silent. The rip-off is thought to be in the hundreds of millions today. The Jewish Post of July 30, 1976 reported that Rabbi Harvey Sentor admitted that Kov K was a "profit-making concern."

Lower right-hand corner Right above bowl of soup

The UOJCA extracts exactly the same levy as Kov K, and in exactly the same way. Jews, of course, defend these "blessings" in any way they can, but what this frekin' 'gun-to-the-head' really boils down to for us 'lowlife' goys, is legalized extortion. After all, the hymies represent but 2.9% of the population. It is not an option for the 'lowlife' goy to have this "tax" removed from products he buys or have the little Jew letters erased. He has to pay this "tax" to the fucking Jews whether he wants to or not. If this was nothing more than a bizarre religious ceremony, giving rabbinical approval to food and food products prepared in a specific way to meet an unusual diet, then why are steel wool and kitchen utensils also included? I'll tell you why... My wife (A blonde Swede, who shares my views on life.... How lucky can a guy get, eh??) used to work for one of those 'Merry-Maid' companies when she first got out of high school. Of course, living in L.A., and being as Jew-bitches DO NOT clean their own houses, there were plenty of yid castles to clean. Being as my wife isn't a hymie, she was NOT allowed to touch anything on the counter top of the kitchen/bathroom. Of course she could scrub the floor all day long, but if her 'dirty' hands touched anything that some stinkin' yid's hand might of touched... Well, I don't know... Maybe they's have to burn the house down or something. But the Yiddish Princess would always be hovering over her to make sure she didn't 'defile' their little jew things.

Anyway,if these "blessings" are so important to Jews, why do they charge for them? You would think that they would be willing to give this service free--for benefit of their own people--and perhaps pay something to food product companies for providing this Kosher identification. Instead, it's the reverse....Companies have to pay to have the Kosher identification. Since hebs represent a small percent of America's population, why is it that they place most of the burden of this "tax" on the shoulders of the 'disgusting' goy? Why have the Gentile consumers been so silent for so long about this perennial extortion by the fucking Jews? And since this burden comes off as a "tax," don't Gentiles have a right to know where and how this money is spent? How in the hell do the Jews get away with this goy-ass-fucking?

The answer is that the Jewish blessing agencies wield enormous power through Jewish domination of the retail and distribution trades..and Jews own America's media. Non-compliance by a food producer would quickly bring about a Jewish boycott of the product. Bankruptcy! Here is how this evil scheme works.

An Orthodox Rabbi will approach a company and warn the owners that unless their product is certified as Kosher, or "fit for a Jew to eat", they will face a boycott by every Jew in America. (Personally, I'd say "Who the fuck cares?"... But that's just me.) Once they succumb to this out-n-out BLACKMAIL, they are required to keep the total amount paid the Rabbis every year a strict secret! The growth of this Kosher racket has been nothing less than phenomenal. In 1960, only 225 food products paid the Kosher tax. By 1966, this figure grew to 476 and jumped to 1000 by 1974. Today, a whopping 17,500 companies have been intimidated into paying this multi-level tax. How The Kosher Tax Operates The Union of Orthodox Rabbis which issues the (U) symbol controls 80% of the Kosher certification business. They employ some 300 Rabbis who travel nation-wide "inspecting" food processing plants. First, the company must pay an annual fee for the use of the copyright symbol--the (U) or (K) or a version thereof. Second, the company must pay a separate heavy fee each time a team of Rabbis shows up to "inspect" their plant (Certain meat packers are required to hire Rabbis full time at extravagant salaries). Third, the company must pay these fees over and over again for each different product they make. Thus, General Foods pays dozens of separate fees. Also, each sub-contracting company which provides any type of ingredient which goes into the finished product must also pay separate fees to the "visiting Rabbis". Sometimes a single product may eventually be taxed as many as a dozen times right down the line before it reaches you the consumer! And you wonder why that package of chicken costs so fucking much?? Last, but not least, these fees must be paid annually and they are increased each year. Only by increasing the public awareness of the Kosher Food Tax and doing our best to refrain from purchasing products with the "K" or "U" symbols, can we begin to end this outrage being perpetrated upon our people. With the purchasing power of the dollar less all the time, a time where every penny counts, people are out of work in record numbers, we cannot afford Goddamn Jews holding a gun to our heads (And wallets) any longer!!! Do what you need to do!! It may take you awhile to go grocery shopping at first, but you'll soon know which brands to buy and which ones not to!!!